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Ryan Garcia not off the hook as VADA warns over supplements

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Ryan Garcia has faced a warning over supplements in a VADA statement addressed to all boxers taking adding dietary substances.

Although they didn’t mention Garcia directly, VADA sent out the red flag just hours after the Golden Boy star claimed he was cleared by contamination. Garcia’s legal team sent World Boxing News two reports under the Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory header stating that testers found ostarine in two supplements he took during camp. Questions immediately arose due to unsealed images of the two supplements.

WBN has since contacted Garcia’s team to inquire whether they plan on sending the same batch unsealed for testing, which would be far more admissible evidence. They are yet to respond.

For supplements to be tested at SMRTL, they require that the results also be reported to a commission or administrative organization such as VADA. It will be up to the NY Commission to determine the significance of the supplement results.

Regarding supplements, VADA stated: “Reminder to fighters regarding supplements. You are responsible for anything you take. Whether or not supplements are listed on doping control forms, anti-doping organizations do not approve supplements. It’s why VADA fighters are provided with warning statements and other resources.

“Fighters should carefully check supplements before taking them. Whether listed or not, no anti-doping organization approves supplements. Athletes remain responsible for anything they take. Fighters are provided the letter below when enrolling & free access to check them with AXIS.”

They continued: “Athletes should be very cautious about using any dietary supplements. As various studies have shown, dietary supplements may contain small amounts of banned substances, even when those substances are not listed on the label.

“Athletes are strictly liable for any substance found in their bodily specimen, regardless of how the substance got there. Athletes have been found guilty of a doping violation after consuming a dietary supplement that contained a trace amount of a banned substance even though the label did not mention any prohibited substances and the athletes had no intention of doping. Although VADA may, in its discretion, review a list of supplements provided by a participating athlete for “red flag” substances, VADA does not and cannot endorse or approve the use of any supplements, regardless of the fact that an athlete may have disclosed the use of the supplement to VADA.

“In other words, a doping violation will have occurred even if the relevant prohibited substance can be traced to a supplement product that was disclosed to VADA by the athlete.

“Athletes can help protect themselves by avoiding any supplement products altogether, especially those that have not been tested and certified drug-free by a qualified outside organization.”

This story has far longer to run, with Garcia’s legal advisor, Paul Greene, hoping to work out a deal over a possible suspension. Greene was quoted by ESPN stating Garcia would accept a ban of ‘four months or less’ before adding, “We understand Ryan’s going to get some sanction, but we feel like given this evidence now, it should be a light sanction.”

Devin Haney remains hopeful of getting the result of their April 20 clash overturned or at least made a no-contest.

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