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Floyd Mayweather talks Ryan Garcia, turns on Gervonta Davis

Floyd Mayweather has addressed the ongoing situations with Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis as the boxing legend continues to hit the headlines.

In recent weeks, Mayweather has been the subject of speculation regarding his involvement with Garcia during the Devin Haney fight build-up. Davis also mentioned the five-weight world champion on social media and not in a good light.

Therefore, during his first lengthy interview for some time on the ‘It Is What It Is” podcast, Mayweather addressed both fighters.

Asked if he told Garcia to enter the Haney fight overweight on purpose, Mayweather replied: “I just know I was always a clean fighter. I can’t speak for anybody else. Do you know what’s so crazy? I’m the one who started random blood and urine testing, and everybody had a problem with me bringing that to the table. You all should have done it the Floyd Mayweather way; then, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

“With the New York Commission [NYSAC], there are huge problems and certain things I can’t speak about because I will f*** around and get a lawsuit. So, I must be very careful when speaking about certain situations.”

Asked about Davis and the possibility of signing Shakur Stevenson, Mayweather made a surprising admission. Despite previously naming Davis as the best and most skilled fighter in boxing many times, Mayweather suddenly changed his tune after ‘Tank’ made comments about him on social media.

“I believe his [Stevenson] contract is coming to an end. So, hopefully, we can come together, and I can take him to that next level and make the fights happen that he wants,” said Mayweather.

He added: “My thing is [regarding Gervonta] I’ve always been there for him from day one. We had a game plan to help make him a world champion and take things to the next level.

“Over the years, it’s constantly gone on the internet to take a shot at Floyd. Constantly be disrespectful when all I’ve ever been was respectful.”

Asked about the most skillful boxer right now, Mayweather responded: “The biggest puncher at 135lbs will probably be Gervonta Davis, but the most skillful fighter at 135lbs will be hands down Shakur Stevenson.”

That’s a far cry from when Floyd Mayweather was promoting Davis.

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