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Deontay Wilder describes horrific Zhilei Zhang KO intentions

Deontay Wilder wants to knock Zhilei Zhang out in the worst way possible when the pair trade blows on Saturday night in Riyadh.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ described the kind of KO he plans to inflict on Zhang this weekend. It’s safe to say it wasn’t pretty. The 38-year-old is a wounded animal after losing to Joseph Parker last December and knows nothing but a blockbuster ending will do.

As fans patiently wait to see what the former WBC heavyweight champion has left, Wilder promises a jaw-dropping finish at the Kingdom Arena.

“I’m coming with everything. I’m not holding back, so unfortunately for him, he’s catching the Wilder that’s back,” said Wilder in an interview with Matchroom Boxing. “I say I’m back and I feel like I am, but June 1 is going to be the revealing of it.

“I really don’t have anything to lose. Life is good for me, but I am still involved in the business. I have goals I want to accomplish, so it’s going to be a great fight. But I love that I can have a matchup against ‘Big Bang’ Zhang. I love that name. It’s a great name.

“It’s going to be two powerhouses trying to knock each other out. Someone is going to get knocked out and that’s what I love to be involved in. I love to be involved in fights that are risky because, at the end of the day, nobody wants to see a twelve-round fight when it comes to the heavyweights. They come to see the big boys, and they want to see somebody get knocked out.”

Next, Wilder laid out his ear-bleeding plans for Zhang.

“For me, not only do I want to knock you [Zhang] out, but I want your body to do something crazy while it’s on the canvas. That’s my excitement. I want to see your body go into a seizure, and I want to see your tongue at the back of your mouth. I want to see your eyes rolling back in your head like you’re having great s*x. So it’s going to be an interesting fight while it lasts.”

Heading into the realm of his previous threats to ‘have a body on his record’ might not be the best idea for Wilder. However, he’s never been punished for it before and if he loses, it could be all over for Deontay Wilder in Saudi Arabia anyway.

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