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Floyd Mayweather branded ‘fake’ as boxer fights for freedom

Floyd Mayweather faced another barrage of truth from one of his fighters desperately trying to land his promotional freedom.

‘Money’ is accused of being ‘fake’ and ‘showing his true colors’ as prospect J’hon Ingram fights for his release from Mayweather Promotions. Ingram made a plea to Mayweather and CEO Leonard Ellerbe to allow him to move on after not getting him a fight for almost a year and a half.

Ingram last fought in March, arranging his own spot on the Mark Hornsby card at TJ Robinson Life Center in Hope Mills, North Carolina. The 23-year-old scored his fourth professional victory and hoped to build on being labeled ‘The Next Floyd Mayweather’ alongside young star Curmel Moton.

However, the movement has been slow from Mayweather, and Ingram – having just become a father for the first time – wants to be able to move on. Having asked permission to break his contract because of the lack of fights under the agreement, Ingram says Mayweather has so far ignored him.

This current situation has made Ingram publicly air his plight to the fans. He said: “I love Floyd and appreciate everything from him, but it’s time for me to part ways.

“I’m so behind guys in my age group and turned pro around the same time. That makes no sense when I’m supposedly with one of the best promotions in the game.

“And to keep it real, I don’t even want to do all this on social media, but I need to be heard, and these young guys coming up need to be protected! The s*** that really p***** me off is the know they got them one with me! As a matter of fact, everyone signed right now can fight their a** off, but sit for what they are getting told we are fighting, then don’t. Guys in the gym are working their a** off every day just to get let down with no fight.

“I’m really about to start dropping the ball soon! My not getting any fights is not the main reason I said I would probably stay a little longer to see what happened. But when someone shows their true colors, and you see everything being fake, you’ve got to move on.

“They say boxing is a dirty game because promoters rob fighters out of money. So what do you call it when they make you sit? You are making no money, so they can’t make or take money from you.”

In response to why he’s waited until now to speak out, Ingram added: “Me blowing up from a couple of thousand followers to ninety thousand followers, to putting Rolly [Romero] and [Shakur] Stevenson people on their a**, all these top boxers having my name in they mouth is not standing out?

“Next excuse, please, I’m waiting!”

Ingram has placed a ‘Free Me’ banner on his social media and remains hopeful of a response from Ellerbe, at least on his Twitter account. Ellerbe, who is usually active on the platform, has so far resisted any mention of the Ingram saga despite the hashtag ‘Free Jhon’ starting to gain headway and the production of t-shirts.

Since the furor began, Ellerbe has tweeted once, stating ‘Tank by vicious KO’ in reference to the return of Gervonta Davis on June 15. Ingram still awaits any acknowledgment of his apparent unrest.

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