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Home » Exclusive: ‘Deeply concerned’ ex-champ repeats Mike Tyson offer

Exclusive: ‘Deeply concerned’ ex-champ repeats Mike Tyson offer

Former WBC champion Sakio Bika revealed his concern for Mike Tyson after a stomach problem on a flight that required medical assistance.

Tyson got into trouble on a flight from Miami to Florida, but only 24 hours later, told fans he was back to one hundred percent capacity. The ex-heavyweight ruler announced his recovery as opponent Jake Paul accused the media of making too much of the incident.

However, if Tyson has an ulcer flaring up, it’s alarming that a punch to the stomach could do far more harm than good. Therefore, a worried Bika wants to ensure Tyson is in the best health before he trades blows with Paul. Previously, Bika had told WBN in an exclusive interview that he wanted to be the standby for Tyson. On Thursday, “The Scorpion” reiterated his desire to step in and face the YouTuber.

“I am deeply concerned to hear that Mike Tyson is unwell. I wish him a speedy recovery,” Bika told World Boxing News. “It would be unfortunate if he is unable to compete as planned.

“If the opportunity arises for me to step in and face Jake Paul, I would be honorer to do so. As a professional boxer, I am always prepared to take on new challenges and showcase my skills in the ring.”

Asked what he makes of Paul, Bika added: “Jake Paul is a formidable opponent. I would approach the fight with determination and focus, but my thoughts are with Mike Tyson, and I am ready to step up if needed.”

Bika is a well-known name in the sport of boxing, having won the Contender Series during the show’s initial run. The 45-year-old took the title in Season 3, featuring Sam Soliman and Jaidon Codrington. Ironically, the Australian-based Cameroonian’s last fight came against Soliman in a rematch of their Contender match-up. Once again, Bika came out on top.

Before that, Bika signed on the dotted line for an exhibition with British boxing legend Nigel Benn. The event fell apart when Benn suffered an injury and decided not to fight.

Jake Paul would provide a different kind of challenge for Bika, but it’s one he’s embraced twice and is waiting patiently for the call from Most Valuable Promotions.

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