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Floyd Mayweather savaged as boxing prodigy calls for release

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Boxing prodigy J’hon Ingram, once labeled ‘The next Floyd Mayweather,’ has called out his mentor for keeping him on the shelf.

Ingram, a 23-year-old lightweight with four knockouts from four victories, says his promoter hasn’t given him a fight since 2022. On the back of this inability to keep him active, Ingram has begun the process of leaving Mayweather Promotions in a very public manner.

The Las Vegas-based North Carolina native, who became a father five days ago, is attempting to activate his release by taking to social media. Ingram put Mayweather and his CEO Leonard Ellerbe on blast and said he needs to feed his family after arranging his own fight in March 2024.

In what sounds like a desperate move by a young father aiming to kickstart his career, Ingram immediately got the backing of many fans and a former Mayweather fighter. After making a few comments in the days previously, Ingram got serious on Tuesday.

“It’s all jokes with my post, but still not because this is my career and life that’s being played with,” began Ingram, hoping to shed some light on his question to be released. “[Leonard] Ellerbe is the CEO of MP [Mayweather Promotions] but says it’s out of his control and that I have to address it with someone else. So what are you the CEO for? Like, what is it that you do?

“So I have to address it with someone else, right? But you tell me you brought it to his attention, and I still have to talk to him myself. Why didn’t you tell me when I sent my release a week ago?

“It’s taken me talking my s*** to get your attention.”

Continuing to elaborate on why he has to be in the ring as soon as possible, Ingram said: “I have a mouth to feed. I don’t work a job, I pay my own bills, I only box. Boxers make money when they fight, and you think I’m about to keep my mouth closed when a brother isn’t getting fights?

“October 8, 2022, was my last fight [under Mayweather Promotions, but not because of them]. I just fought on March 9, 2024, because I got myself on that card. I signed with them at the end of 2023 and have been around them since 2022. It’s guys that signed before me and still ain’t fought, but that isn’t my business to put out. What you all don’t know is that this isn’t day four of this situation. I sent my notice professionally and have been ignored. We could’ve handled this all off the internet like I wanted to.”

On Ellerbe stating he can do nothing without Floyd Mayweather’s permission, Ingram added: “Let him say it’s not his fault, but you CEO of MP, right? I’m not the brightest in the world, but doesn’t that mean you’re the one who makes sure we get on shows and address stuff like this? – Oh, I forgot that he’s a ‘yes man’ who has to talk to his dad first and get permission.”

Ishe Smith, who won a world title with Floyd and then left acrimoniously, gave Ingram some words of wisdom.

“It’s deeper than that, brother. He can’t make any moves or decisions without that man’s approval. You would think the right thing would be done, and they would just grant you release so you can provide for yourself and your family.”

The ongoing situation mimics several others aligned with Mayweather or Premier Boxing Champions, with several fighters on the inactive roster needing to push their careers forward.

Amazon Prime Video, where PBC has signed a deal to showcase their fighters, is yet to formally announce a schedule that could give those starving boxers the regular platform they need.

Floyd Mayweather, on the other hand, has other problems. Rumors continued to dog the five-weight world champion regarding money issues in Dubai and a Mexican exhibition that has failed to capture the imagination.

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