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Ryan Garcia offers to fill in for Mike Tyson against Jake Paul

Ryan Garcia has offered Jake Paul the chance to face him on July 20 following a medical incident involving Mike Tyson.

The Golden Boy star, who faces a suspension from the sport for failed drug tests, contacted the YouTuber after Tyson needed paramedic assistance on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles. Tyson suffered a problem stemming from an ulcer and had to be cared for until the plane landed on Sunday.

Tyson’s aliment has led many to believe Paul must call the fight off due to the former heavyweight champion’s age and condition. Paul is adamant that the Netflix event will remain unchanged despite calls from fans to withdraw Tyson.

Should Tyson fail to get clearance for the summer comeback, Garcia is ready to trade blows with Paul despite a ninety-pound gulf in weight. Garcia last weighed 143 pounds for a boxing match against Devin Haney. Paul, on the other hand, says he is currently scaling 230 pounds plus.

Garcia would come in a lot higher, potentially at around 165 pounds. However, that’s still a massive difference, and the Texas Commission would never sanction it as a professional contest.

Displaying messages between himself and Paul, Garcia said, “If you are down to fight and Mike can’t do it. Let me know and I will fill in.”

Paul didn’t respond, as he still hoped that the Tyson fight would go ahead. His career was losing traction before Mike Tyson signed on the dotted line for the bout. His victory over Ryan Bourland failed to capture the imagination, and his Google trending trajectory was on the downside. It’s picked up pace with the Tyson announcement, but there’s concern over the 57-year-old boxing legend taking blows in his condition.

Two years ago, Tyson was in a wheelchair due to a back ailment before being ‘cured’ by a miracle doctor. That scenario doesn’t change the fact that Tyson hasn’t fought in four years, and the last time he did, he couldn’t put a dent in a 52-year-old Roy Jones Jr.

Garcia vs Paul sounds just as ridiculous a fight at this stage, but with “Kingry” facing a lengthy spell out of the ring, he’s attempting to keep his star shining bright in boxing circles.

Despite the offer, WBN understands that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. would be the ready replacement should Tyson fall off the main event.

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