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Mike Tyson scrambles to save Jake Paul payday despite doubts

Mike Tyson assured fans he’s back to one hundred percent despite severe doubts about his scheduled fight with Jake Paul.

The former heavyweight champion suffered a ‘medical emergency’ on board a Miami to Los Angeles flight last Sunday that required help from medical staff and paramedics. Concerned fans then called for Tyson to be pulled from the bout, citing Paul as the problem for wanting to trade blows with a nearly 60-year-old boxing legend. Paul fired back and blamed the media for blowing the event out of proportion. The YouTuber then said nothing would change regarding the event scheduled for July 20 on Netflix in Arlington, Texas.

Tyson has since spoken out regarding his health, claiming he’s back to full fitness only two days after the episode.

“Now feeling one hundred percent even though I don’t need to be to beat Jake Paul,” said Tyson, in what appears to be a nudged post to dampen calls for his removal.

Paul, 31 years younger than Tyson, has millions of dollars on the line should the youngest-ever top-division ruler not make it to the first bell. Possible replacements include Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and one of his former opponents, but they wouldn’t be a patch of the name of Tyson.

But that’s where much of the problem lies. Tyson is clearly not in the best of health and hasn’t been for the past few years. Spells in a wheelchair with a bad back, which a miracle doctor seemingly cured, don’t put the worries of his fans at ease.

‘Iron’ Mike could put Paul to sleep with one punch’ seems to be the one thing many supporters are holding onto. However, the fact that Tyson fought 52-year-old Roy Jones Jr. in 2020 and couldn’t move him doesn’t bode well against a younger, fitter athlete.

Anyone who does think Mike could be the ‘Baddest Man’ of old should watch the whole fight on YouTube. Tyson and Jones clinched for most of the contest as their feeble punches bounced off each other.

In the end, a draw was the best result.

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