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Mike Tyson ‘medical emergency’ puts Jake Paul fight in jeopardy

Mike Tyson was involved in a ‘medical emergency’ on board a flight over the weekend, according to eyewitnesses on the American Airlines 1815.

Celebrity magazine In Touch Weekly reports Tyson needed paramedics after getting into difficulty traveling from Miami to Los Angeles. The incident occurred on Sunday and could put his fight with Jake Paul in doubt.

In Touch stated, “Mike had some kind of medical emergency on the plane, and paramedics boarded. Before the paramedics arrived, the flight issued an announcement asking for a doctor — the message even came on everyone’s screens. ”

The witness added that they didn’t see if doctors took Tyson off the plane, but they confirmed a delay of two hours as the former heavyweight champion was tended to by medical staff.

World Boxing News stated last week that skeptical fans expect Tyson to withdraw from the fight. This latest incident won’t help the doubters get their heads around the clash taking place on July 20.

Paul is 31 years younger than Tyson, who, at 58, is limited in what he can do inside the ropes. Punch resistance is the first question marker, and Tyson’s ability to move around the squared circle for 16 minutes [8×2 min rounds] is also in question.

Ex-opponent Evander Holyfield suffered a first-round knockout when he made a comeback at the same age. Holyfield predicted that Tyson might not get to the end of the fight.

“It all depends on how Jake fights,” Holyfield told Fight Hub TV. “The point of the matter is whether Jake Paul takes a good shot. I have never seen him get hit by anybody. But you never know, Mike might just quit in the ring and sit down and say am done.”

Judging by the latest incident, it isn’t a certainty that Tyson ever gets in the ring.

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