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Home » Floyd Mayweather watches AEW wrestler almost impaled by table

Floyd Mayweather watches AEW wrestler almost impaled by table

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Floyd Mayweather was ringside in Las Vegas on Sunday but almost took in more than he bargained for at AEW’s ‘Double or Nothing’ at the MGM Grand.

The boxing legend took position on the front as the cameras pointed him out more than once on the broadcast. It was the first time wrestling fans had seen Mayweather at an All Elite Wrestling event despite his affiliation with rivals World Wrestling Entertainment.

Mayweather enjoyed a photo opportunity with Swerve Strickland at one point, but one near-miss incident may live long in the five-weight world champion’s memory.

Big Bill, also known as ‘Big Cass’ during his time with WWE alongside Enzo Amore, inserted himself into a match between Chris Jericho and Hook. However, as Bill was battling with Tazz’s son Hook on the ring apron, he was t-boned through a table on the outside by the smaller wrestler. Upon witnessing how the table caved in, it was clear things could have been much worse for Big Bill.

The leg of the table failed to buckle, meaning if Bill had gone through a touch to the left, he could have faced severe injury. At the very least, Bill would have taken the full force of the leg on his back, or worse, he could have become impaled.

Sean Ross of FightFul praised the cameraperson for capturing the moment, which could have been much worse.

“Great camera work showing how close Big Bill was to being impaled,” outlined Ross.

Luckily, Bill executed the move a whisker to the right and was able to walk away unscathed, barring some slight damage. The ending would have relieved Mayweather, who wouldn’t have been bargaining to see that from his seat in the first row.

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