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Gaunt Josh Taylor taking Jack Catterall rematch at 140 debated

Josh Taylor’s decision to face Jack Catterall at super lightweight faced tough questions after the Scot hit the scales on Friday.

Looking gaunt at 139.6 pounds, Taylor didn’t look comfortable as he prolonged the inevitable move up to welterweight. Catterall, who didn’t exactly paint a picture of health himself, is also due to move seven pounds north soon. Therefore, why organizers didn’t make the non-title fight at 147 pounds or a catchweight is a head-scratching decision. Someone may be looking for an advantage that isn’t there.

Fans aired their concern for the “Tartan Tornado” after witnessing the scaling.

One said: “Josh Taylor is far more weight-drained to the point I think it’s dangerous.”

Another added: “I think Josh Taylor looks ill with all this weight he’s lost for this fight. He doesn’t look right, but come on Josh – round six will do.”

The fighters themselves are unfazed about the limit and want to prove who is the better fighter after the controversial nature of the first meeting. Catterall was on the wrong end of possibly the worst-ever decision to come out of a British ring.

“It’s been a long two years since the first fight. We’ve been talking about it, there’s been the delays and injuries, but my health comes first, it’s paramount. I’d like to thank you guys when I said about the postponement for getting it done nice and quickly and only making it four weeks later. I’m looking forward to it,” stated Taylor.

“The last fight was a stinker from both of us. Jack was doing a lot of holding and spoiling, slowing the pace down. I was very poor as well. I believe the two of us can be a lot better, and it will be a better fight for the fans.

“It’s going to be a barnstormer. It’s going to be a great experience and atmosphere in there.”

On Catterall warning Taylor of an imminent knockout, Taylor added: “Let him think that if he wants to make that great, absolutely fantastic, music to my ears.

“I don’t care how I win this fight, by points or by stoppage, the way I have been performing in the gym, the shots I’ve been throwing and catching people with, if I catch him with these shots, it will be over and devastating for him. But we’ll see what happens. It’s just a win for me. This is a must-win, this is for bragging rights, this is to say, ‘I told you I am better than you’, so I can’t wait.”

Catterall said: “We both know what stands in front of us now. We’re fighting on Saturday, all the talking is done, we’ve had the build-up, and the fight is sold. Obviously, we don’t see eye to eye.

“I watched the first fight and I didn’t rate it that much. But I thought I beat him, and I thought I did it comfortably. I think I underperformed, and maybe Josh did as well, but we’ve prepared for the best version of Josh. I think I’ve improved as a fighter over the last two years. I’ve been in the gym and not stepped out of it. I’ve been learning and developing, taking myself away for sparring. I expect a better fight on Saturday. Emotions aside, I think I am the better fighter, and I am going to show that on Saturday night.

“It’s a must-win on Saturday, and that’s what all my energy is focused on. I don’t want to talk about what is after this. I know you have a great division at 140lbs. There are many big fights to make, and that’s an exciting prospect, but right now, I am thinking about beating Josh on Saturday. I believe I can take him out on Saturday.”

Whether both will be campaigning at super lightweight, come their next fight is debatable at this point.

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