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Exclusive: Ryan Garcia’s hair sample date provides fresh twist

World Boxing News has learned the exact date of Ryan Garcia’s hair sample, which his team sent for independent testing to clear the boxer’s name.

Following a statement outlining Garcia’s contamination defense over two failed drug tests for ostarine, WBN speculated when Garcia may have sent in his hair sample. The failed drug test results hit social media on May 2 during Canelo fight week. Therefore, WBN thought Garcia must have sent his hair samples as soon as possible.

WBN assumed that would be around May 3 or even on the same date the news broke. However, World Boxing News can now reveal that “the hair sample was sent May 17,” confirmed by the same Ryan Garcia representative who released the statement on behalf of his legal team.

The fact Garcia waited another two weeks to begin the process of clearing his name seems like a long time, especially when Garcia is banking on the hair coming back clean to clear his name of wrongdoing. May 17 is five weeks after his victory over Devin Haney, and explaining to any panel overseeing the final verdict could be tougher.

Garcia faces a ban of six months to six years if found guilty by the New York State Athletic Commission, with his reputation firmly on the line.

In the statement, Garcia’s Team said: “Ryan voluntarily had his hair collected and shipped to Dr. Pascal Kintz, the foremost expert in toxicology and hair-sample analysis. The results of Ryan’s hair sample came back negative. This is consistent with contamination and demonstrably proves that Ryan had not ingested Ostarine over a period of time — the only way he would have had any advantage whatsoever in the ring.”

It’s anyone’s guess at this stage whether those five weeks passing will make a significant difference. But Garcia is adamant he’s clean and that something untoward was to blame.

They added: “We are certain that one of the natural supplements Ryan was using in the lead-up to the fight will prove to be contaminated and are in the process of testing the supplements to determine the exact source.”

Haney wants the result overturned or at least made a no-contest to preserve his undefeated record. Whatever the outcome is at this stage, Garcia will find it hard to shake off the effects two failed drug tests can have on a boxer during his career.

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