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Mike Tyson expected to withdraw from Jake Paul fight

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Detractors of the fight expect Mike Tyson to withdraw from facing Jake Paul on July 20 in an eventuality backed by more than one prediction.

Several conspiracy theorists believe they have the event all figured out and that Paul is already favoring a potential rematch with Tommy Fury or another opponent. Paul’s assumed plan would see a ton of publicity placed on his name for a Netflix collaboration in the summer. However, weeks or even days before the fight, one skeptic sees a switching of opponents happening on top of the card.

They said: “Jake Paul is not actually going to fight Mike Tyson. Jake Paul knows that the world will s*** on him like crazy for making this fight, which will bring a lot of eyes to it.

“Mike Tyson will withdraw from the fight, and someone who we would actually want to see fighting Jake, such as a Fury rematch, possibly [will take its place]. Just a thought.”

Several responses to the claim agreed with the notion, as one replied, “I hope so.” At the same time, another posted an official poster that was exactly the same as the current poster but with Fury instead of Tyson.

A third said: “You should withdraw just for your health, Mike. Like, I see you have the moves, technique, and strength, but I don’t know if four rounds while someone is fighting you back is going to be good.

“I remember you saying you were doing it for the money, but man, you have nothing left to prove.”

Doubts over Tyson even training for the fight continue to dog the former heavyweight champion despite the boxing legend showing off his ripped physique in a new interview.

One of those who see Tyson’s video clips from the gym as only for promotion is former world champion Ishe Smith. The one-time IBF ruler said: “Mike’s full workouts consist of hitting the pads for the cameras.

“There’s no jump rope, no sparring, no bag work, no speed bag, and no sit-ups. Then he makes a corny a** statement at the end for the cameras.”

Retired superstar Shane Mosley watched the recent press conference and questioned why Tyson wasn’t in his usual mood before a big fight.

“Did Mike Tyson look happy to you at the face-off with Jake Paul? – That face-off between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul seemed more chill than I’d thought. Except for the kid asking about the body count,” he joked.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t just Tyson pulling out of the fight that got some questionable online airtime. A final commenter stated: “Jake Paul is going to fake an injury and withdraw from the race, isn’t he?”

Who blinks first?

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