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Immediate fears for Derek Chisora following worrying presser

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Derek Chisora once again took the spotlight following the announcement that he would prolong his career at 40.

“WAR” will battle Joe Joyce in London on July 27, seeking only his third victory in five years. Having been leathered by Tyson Fury and Joseph Parker, UK fans wanted Chisora to walk away rather than return to boxing in 2023.

However, the former world heavyweight title challenger battled Gerald Washington and squeaked a victory when looking far from his best. Now, the Finchley man’s reward is a potentially sickening battle with man mountain Joyce, who could do a similar job on Chisora as Fury.

Joyce vs Chisora press conference

Speaking at the press conference, Chisora displayed signs of significant damage from a series of hellacious beatings during his career, which culminated in a series of unfiltered and inappropriate comments that can be linked to some severe brain ailments.

“At was at the Russian bathhouse when I got the call [for the Joyce fight],” said a slurring Chisora. “I thought the press conference was tomorrow,” he added.

Chisora continued: “By the time we finish this fight, someone is going to have less brain cells in their brain.”

Frank Warren responded: “I hope that’s not the case, but I just hope you’ve got some to start out with.”

Chisora’s health is no laughing matter, but the concerns are real and seem to accompany every fight the man formerly known as ‘Del Boy’ has these days.

Nonetheless, Chisora has seemingly passed medically fit and will head into the Joyce fight to try to avoid another battering.

“As long as you’ve got two legs and you can still get your c*** up, if you’re a man, you’re good,” he told Joyce. Chisora added:” After I beat you up, can we smoke weed together?”

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