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Tyson Fury rematch signed, Usyk’s IBF title in Hrgovic’s hands

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Tyson Fury has confirmed his future intentions through promoter Frank Warren for a rematch with Oleksandr Usyk.

As a result, Usyk will lose the IBF title due to a mandatory stipulation unless number one contender Filip Hrgovic agrees to one final step aside.

Warren appeared on talkSPORT to outline that Fury has agreed to the Usyk return with a tentative date this October.

“He’s back here, he’s recuperating. His mood is that he wants the rematch, and that’s already signed for, so it will happen,” said Warren.

Usyk now has days to sort out his next move. Fury has ruled out retirement, leaving only the Hrgovic option open to save the undisputed titles. Due to the Fury agreement, Usyk will be stripped of the belt in time for Hrgovic and Dubois to contest the strap on June 1 – unless his team can work out a last-minute deal with the Croatian.

Hrgovic has stepped aside twice already to allow Usyk more time to face Fury. However, the fact that Fury delayed the fight for six months is yet to be figured into the equation. This reason alone is enough for the IBF to give Usyk more time.

As Warren stated, Fury wants the fight now, as he said in Saudi Arabia after losing to Usyk, but he changes his mind down the line. “The Gypsy King” has done this many times and would leave Usyk high and dry if that occurs.

The IBF’s intent to act so quickly disappoints many fans. It comes during a celebration period when Usyk should be allowed to celebrate his success without worrying about losing his undisputed status almost immediately. The IBF could ratify Hrgovic vs Dubois for the interim title and give Usyk more breathing space.

Before Warren’s statement, only two scenarios would see Usyk keep his undisputed status. Now that Fury is on board, there’s only one. Hrgovic can wait another six to eight months for his opportunity and gets to fight for an undisputed crown instead of one belt.

The choice is out of Usyk’s hands and firmly in the lap of the number one contender. Having secured the first four-belt heavyweight champion in 25 years, it would be a shame if fans could only enjoy it for less than a fortnight.

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