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Home » Usyk onslaught goes viral, sends Tyson Fury into a new year

Usyk onslaught goes viral, sends Tyson Fury into a new year

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Oleksandr Usyk’s ninth-round hammering of Tyson Fury left the former champion making some confusing statements in the aftermath.

Not only was Fury pound from pillar to post and off every set of ropes, but he also got a count when on the verge of being knocked out. Comments made during his post-fight interview led to concern and ridicule in equal measure.

Fury’s decision to blame his split decision points loss on the Ukraine war caused the first eyebrow-raising. That’s despite artificial intelligence statistics [said to be far more accurate than human] for the contest showing Usyk was the dominant force and the most aggressive throughout. The second thing out of Fury’s mouth that made people stand up and take notice was ‘Happy New Year!’

Why Fury would wish the crowd into another twelve months in May is anyone’s guess. The ex-titleholder has yet to comment on why those words came from his lips. Fans feared it could be some injury caused by the beating. Others decide to make fun of Fury in the form of a video that sent him back to last year.

The clip is 26 seconds long and has gone viral on social media. It’s been viewed tens of millions of times since being posted hours after the fight.

The circulation of the video is proof enough that there is genuine concern incorporated with Fury’s bizarre statement. Hopefully, Fury is okay and will have no long-lasting effects from his eighth-career knockdown.

Fury will decide on his future once the former lineal ruler takes a well-deserved break from the sport. He will then mull over the rematch terms in his contract before accepting or rejecting the return.

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