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Holyfield says Mike Tyson can only beat Jake Paul two ways

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Evander Holyfield says former opponent Mike Tyson has two ways to win against Jake Paul when the pair fight on July 20.

Holyfield, who fought at the same age as his rival when losing in the first round to Vitor Belfort, outlined the only weapons in Tyson’s arsenal. “The Real Deal” says if Tyson doesn’t land either, it could be a long night for the youngest-ever heavyweight champion.

Asked if Mike were to lose if he thought it would hurt boxing in an interview with Fight Hub TV, Holyfield responded: “Personally, I wouldn’t take it that way.

“This man fought his whole life for whatever reason he chose to fight. We already know he is not going to be as quick as him, but if he catches him, we know that you don’t lose your strength [with age].”

On how Tyson can take Paul out, Holyfield added: “I think that’s pretty much all he can catch him with is a left hook or a right hand. Mike knows you don’t have to hit a guy in the face all the time.”

Questioning Paul’s punch resistance due to the fact that he’s never really been hit by a hard puncher, Holyfield concluded: “It might be over [if Tyson catches him] because he has never fought anybody who punches like Mike.”

The pair famously fought in a 1997 rematch when Tyson bit off a chunk of Holyfield’s ear and was subsequently disqualified. The first bout was dominated by Holyfield, who took Tyson out late on.

However, Mike’s frustration levels were evidently through the roof in both contents, so it could be detrimental to Paul if he does begin to dominate when they trade blows in Texas. Tyson is older and wiser, but he still has that dog in him, as proved when a fan annoyed him on a flight not so long ago.

If Paul gets the better of Tyson and those annoyance levels hit white-hot, who knows what can happen inside those ropes? That could also be a significant reason why almost 80,000 are expected to pack the AT&T Stadium for the first Netflix boxing event available to all subscribers.

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