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Home » Bill Haney rips Ryan Garcia’s ‘Full of S*** League’ ahead of D-day

Bill Haney rips Ryan Garcia’s ‘Full of S*** League’ ahead of D-day

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Devin Haney’s father, Bill, is counting down the days until Ryan Garcia’s B-sample and a considerable can of worms get opened.

Garcia has a date set aside of May 22 for the second testing of his previously positive blood vials as the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency prepares to act on two positives. Drug testers found The Golden Boy star to have ostarine in his system on April 19 and April 20 before and after his victory over Haney in New York. His team asked for the second sample opening, which will happen in just two days.

Haney, as always, is not shying away from telling Garcia exactly how he feels. Again, Bill took to social media with an intense video following Garcia’s comments in Saudi Arabia that he couldn’t care less that he’s suspended and plans to start his own boxing league.

“Ryan Garcia, you good for nothing in the sport of boxing,” began Bill, strolling towards the camera with intent. “You’ve got four or five days left [posted on Saturday] until you fourth [two from first sample, two from second] positive PED test. And now you say you want to start your own league, that you don’t care if you are banned from the sport of boxing.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, Ryan. You and everybody with you need a foot in your a** so you can call it ‘The Full of S*** League!”

The video would be comical if Haney weren’t so serious about the content. He wants his son’s undefeated record reinstated and is pushing lawyers to try to get a no-contest, or even the result of the fight overturned.

World Boxing News has removed Garcia from the Pound for Pound Rankings and restored Haney at number seven until the New York State Athletic Commission hands down a final outcome.

What happens next will solely rely on the NYSAC and VADA coming together to decide if Garcia should face the full force of the rules. If guilty, Garcia could serve a ban for two to four years at the discretion of the regulators.

If the worst happens, Garcia will miss out on several high-profile events that will pass him by in the future. Errol Spence Jr. undoubtedly only has a small window left to secure a significant fight, with Garcia the most interesting option open at the moment.

That planned August 10 clash will go out of the window once the punishment is confirmed.

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