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Home » Ryan Garcia admits B-sample isn’t clean, plans breakaway league

Ryan Garcia admits B-sample isn’t clean, plans breakaway league

Ryan Garcia has admitted he expects his B-sample to show the same results as his A-sample when it’s opened officially on May 22.

The Golden Boy star has seen his career descend under a cloud following a report of ostarine found in his system before and after his fight with Devin Haney on April 20. An IV used during the build-up has added an extra layer of controversy to the whole situation.

Speaking to DAZN as he arrived in Saudi Arabia for the Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk fight, Garcia stated he believes complete exoneration will be forthcoming when all is said and done.

“I’m doing perfect like I’m happy,” Garcia told DAZN. “Justice will prevail, so I’m not worried about nothing.

“After May 22nd, there should be a result for obviously the B-sample, but I don’t believe it will come out clean. If they found it in the A, why wouldn’t they find it in the B?

“I think it’s all bull****, as we know it is. I mean, nobody takes steroids the day before the fight and the day after the fight. You would have to actually be dumb, so justice will prevail.”

Speaking to Boxing Social later, Garcia added that he plans to break away from the boxing authorities, who will lay down a suspension shortly.

“I don’t care if they ban me for my whole life because I’m going to just create my own league and do my own fights. I’m not going to walk away from boxing. I’m going to walk away from this boxing, create my own league, and fight on my own s**t,” he promised.

Garcia has only a few days to wait until that clarification comes from the New York State Athletic Commission and VADA. His victory could become a no-contest, with at least a two-year suspension compounding Garcia’s misery.

The damage to his reputation, which was already on shaky ground due to his social media behavior, is incalculable.

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