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Mike Tyson and Jake Paul deny fight is scripted, ‘Federal crime!’

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Mike Tyson and Jake Paul defended their July 20 Netflix fight as they participated in a second press conference on Thursday.

Question marks were raised over the ‘professional contest’ earlier in the week when Saudi Arabian Chairman Turki Alalshikh told Tyson to “Please, brother Mike, forget the script and beat this guy!”

The ripple effect was massive, given Alalshikh’s influence in the sport during fight week for Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the issue had to come up in Texas as Tyson and Paul addressed the media.

Host Brian Custer told Tyson, “Tell these people that say that fight is scripted for Jake Paul to win!”

Tyson responded: “Well, just come to the fight, and you’ll see. Look, I started Jake off, and I’m going to finish him.”

Paul added: “Clearly, they don’t have a high IQ in here, but that’s a federal crime, Brian.”

Tickets went on sale for the event this week, with a sell-out crowd expected to descend on the AT&T Stadium in Dallas. Tyson and Paul will take home huge checks without requiring any Pay Per View network to be involved.

To add further to the intrigue, Paul and Tyson asked the Texas regulators to sanction the fight for their professional records, raising many eyebrows over where the sport was heading.

“Mike wanted this to be a professional fight. He wanted the war. I respect that for stepping up and trying to put an end to me because that is what all of these fighters have been trying to do to end the YouTuber. If Mike can do that, he’s a hero,” said Paul.

Tyson added: “No, I really like Jake Paul a lot, but once you’re in that ring, he will have to fight like his life is depending on it because it will be.”

Main image: Mike Tyson facing off with Jake Paul in his LF*GO!™ branded shirt ahead of their upcoming fight in Arlington, TX, on May 16, 2024

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