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Ryan Garcia deflects blame amid more questionable behavior

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Ryan Garcia blamed the fact that many people have access to his social media on a string of questionable activities recently.

Garcia posted on various topics, some derogatory ones to some sections of society, many of which Garcia later deleted before the boxer deflected a backlash away from himself.

“Full transparency. There are so many people who have access to my X [account]. So most of the time, it ain’t even me,” said Garcia.

One of the things flagged by opposition to Garcia’s behavior was a tweet that coupled both his accusations with a homosexual reference.

Many took offense, as Garcia pointed out, that many of his team members could have posted the tweets because they had access to his account.

On the boxing side of the script, Garcia continues to make outlandish offers to fight despite a suspension hanging over his head. Following a callout of Errol Spence and subsequently informing his team to make the fight for August 10, Garcia now wants to face David Benavidez at 178 pounds.

“Canelo, my big bro, I got his back. Benavidez is done. I’ll handle your light work,” he said.

The truth is, May 22 will be D-Day for Ryan Garcia as far as his career goes. If the B-sample to his April 19 and 20 tests shows the same result, and many believe it will, the New York State Athletic Commission will likely hand down some suspension. They could even revoke Garcia’s victory over Devin Haney and make it a no-contest.

If that happens, Garcia will not fight anyone until at least 2025.

Haney’s representative, Victor Conte, outlined that the substance found in Garcia’s system, ostarine, will not be taken lightly if ratified by the NYSAC.

“Two positive ostarine tests [for Garcia]. Ostarine produces similar strength gains to anabolic steroids. The sale of Ostarine is illegal in the US.

“Ostarine is technically called an anabolic agent because it builds muscle tissue like anabolic steroids,” said the former Balco boss.

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