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John Fury ridiculed by Froch, threatens to headbutt Bellew,

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John Fury threatened to headbutt Tony Bellew as two former world champions weighed in on his assault on a young Team Usyk member.

The former boxer came out fighting, as he always does, by warning Bellew he was next on his hit list after laying one on Stanislav Stepchuk in Saudi Arabia. Bellew laughed off the threat from Tyson Fury’s father as fight week continued with the Grand Arrivals.

“I don’t know why my name’s been mentioned. No one can headbutt me, Bellew told talkSPORT. “I achieved more in sixty seconds than John Fury’s achieved in his life. I never big myself up, but just because something shot out of your nuts and you became one of the greatest heavyweights in the world, that does not mean you can validate your opinion on every other fighter.

“You got your a** absolutely handed to you off, Henry Akinwande. Now get a grip of yourself,” added the ex-WBC cruiserweight champion.

Carl Froch, another British legend who didn’t take kindly to Fury’s actions against a young man minding his own business and supporting a friend in Oleskadnr Usyk, wasn’t happy.

“The Cobra” told viewers on his ‘Froch on Fighting’ YouTube channel that Fury tried to be a bully but ended up injuring himself.

“He sticks the nut on some small, skinny kid from Team Usyk and cuts his own head open. It’s disgusting and disgraceful what he’s done. He should be embarrassed,” said Froch.

“He’s a typical big bully, isn’t he? You picked on the smallest guy there. But guess what? He came off worse. He got a big cut on his head, all claret down his face. What an idiot.”

Meanwhile, Usyk was unaware of what happened on Monday. Media members had to show the unified champion a video of the incident. Once updated, Usyk called Fury out for his ‘bad behavior’ during the media day.

Fury apologized after feeling significant pressure during the aftermath. He later told DAZN he didn’t remember what happened.

“Things happen in the spur of the moment, don’t they? Both teams are edgy and want to get their brand, but you can’t get no problem with me.”

Asked if he regretted the assault, Fury replied: “No comment,” before walking away laughing.

Calls to remove John Fury from the event have so far gone unheeded. It will only take one similar incident to back the Saudi Arabian organizers into a corner.

From here on in, expect the former boxer to be on his best behavior.

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