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Floyd Mayweather to face ex-opponent, 37, with pro fight lined up

Floyd Mayweather will announce his boxing comeback on Wednesday as the former pound-for-pound number heads to Mexico.

His opponent will be 2011 victim Victor Ortiz despite the ex-WBC welterweight champion having a professional bout lined up one week later. According to the schedule, Ortiz will fight on August 31 at the American Legion in  Garden City on a card overseen by the Kansas Athletic Commission and matchmaker Juan Aldana Jr.

Despite this mark on the calendar, Mayweather will name Ortiz as being in the opposite corner for his Mexico City encounter on August 24. The Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight has an official confirmation date of May 15 and will be a return on a Showtime 13 years ago. Back then, Ortiz was the titleholder, and Mayweather was the challenger, having returned from a career hiatus.

Mayweather won via fourth-round knockout after Ortiz attempted to touch gloves following an intentional headbutt. The thinking behind a second meeting with Ortiz is that Mayweather will probably give his ex-foe the opportunity to get revenge.

However, with Ortiz a full ten years Mayweather’s junior at 37 and still fighting professionally, the big question is, will the “Money” man want to go for 51-0? Despite reports of an exhibition, it’s plausible and would undoubtedly be granted a license by the Mexican boxing authorities. So why not do a Mike Tyson?

Mayweather and his team will answer that question in the next 24 hours.

Another big topic will be why Mayweather is willing to fight the far younger Ortiz but not Manny Pacquiao. Many fans want to see a second fight between the pair, which Pacquiao set in motion at the end of last year. “Pac-Man” stated the Mayweather rematch was on the cards before being reprimanded by Floyd for making it public.

Mayweather then claimed Pacquiao had to pay him millions of dollars for leaking the information before the whole discussion went distinctly quiet.

Now, just over six months later, the boxing fraternity will be getting Mayweather vs Ortiz II, when their first meeting was largely unwanted over a decade ago. Mayweather is still doing things his way and must have gotten some offers from organizers in Mexico for the American to accept the fight over the Pacquiao return.

‘MayPac’ remains the most lucrative fight ever, with over 4.7 million Pay Per View sales and over five million worldwide. The two legends not facing each other again would be on par with throwing away at least $50 million each. Therefore, it may come down to Saudi Arabia making an offer before it eventually gets made.

Of course, Mayweather can fight Ortiz before Pacquiao in December on a RIZIN show in Japan. This blueprint would see Mayweather fighting twice in 2024 and earning upwards of eight figures into the bargain.

That won’t be a patch on what the pair could earn in the Middle East, which World Boxing News first reported in 2019.

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