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Devin Haney lawyers up, seeks Ryan Garcia DQ after IV video

Devin Haney is officially seeking to have Ryan Garcia disqualified from their April 20 bout following video evidence of IV treatment.

Garcia is already under a cloud due to positive drug samples for elevated levels of ostartine. Haney is now asking the New York State Athletic Commission to review footage of Garcia administering intervenous therapy. IVs can be linked to the practice of removing substances from the body quickly. Garcia appeared on a pre-fight DAZN show engaging in the practice, which Haney has since set his lawyer upon.

Due to the ostarine bombshell and the subsequent IVs, Haney hopes to overturn the result to a victory in his favor, says nutritionist Victor Conte.

“Ryan Garcia [had] two positive ostarine tests. Overview: Ostarine promotes muscle growth and strength, ideal for bodybuilders and athletes. It supports fat loss while preserving muscle mass. It’s often used off-season. It’s banned by WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] and VADA [Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency],” outlined Conte.

On Haney’s bid to get his undefeated record back, Conte added: “Devin Haney filed a complaint with the NYSAC regarding his recent fight with Ryan Garcia. Four violations are alleged in the complaint.

“Garcia’s two positive tests for Ostarine on April 19 and 20. Also, Garcia’s use of prohibited IV and the fact that Garcia missed weight on purpose to gain an advantage.

“Haney requested that the NYSAC disqualify Garcia. There is precedent. In 2016, boxer Lucian Bute was DQ’d for testing positive for ostarine. Badou Jack was given the win.

“NYSAC strictly prohibits the use of IV. There is video evidence of Ryan using IV.”

Hearing of Haney’s intentions, Garcia laughed off attempts to alter the result.

“You can’t make this up, Haney wins. No, what, bruh.”

At present, the best Haney can hope for is a no-contest despite Conte pointing to the Jack vs Bute case. It’s far more likely that Haney will preserve his unbeaten run without adding another victory to his CV.

The NYSAC is currently reviewing all the evidence in the fallout of the resignation of Executive Director Kim Sumbler. Garcia, at best, can expect a hearing to plead his case before final judgment. A lot depends on the B sample, which Conte is adamant will return positive, too.

If so, there isn’t much wiggle room for Garcia, who is ultimately responsible for any substance in his body for detection.

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