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Heavyweight who bailed – DQ’d in one second, goes viral again

Heavyweight Curtis Harper, the man who infamously walked out of the ring before facing Efe Ajagba in 2018, has gone viral again.

This time, Harper was on the opposite end of the controversy.

The eye-catching story with Harper began six years ago when Ajagba faced him on a Leon Margules-promoted show at the Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The fans inside the arena or on TV didn’t know that Harper had been unhappy with his treatment during the build-up, specifically regarding his fight contract. The Jacksonville man wanted a final copy sent to him, which he says never arrived. Therefore, instead of trading blows with Ajagba, Harper walked out as soon as the bell went and suffered a disqualification in one second.

Harper’s actions caused a massive stir on social media, and videos of the incident continue to gain attention when shared today.

Since his five minutes [or one second] of fame, Harper took three years off before returning in 2021. A string of expected losses came on either side of a shock-upset victory over ‘The New Klitschko’ Christian Thun.

On May 7 of this year, Harper bagged the fifteenth win of his career courtesy of red mist descending on opponent Kaleb Slaughter. The fight at Texas Troubadour Theatre in Nashville was barely a minute old when Slaughter got frustrated and pushed Harper over the top rope in a WWE-style move.

Upon the pair landing on the floor, Slaughter seemed to aim a kick at Harper into the bargain, which authorities will undoubtedly punish the 36-year-old Ohio native for. The fight never restarted and Harper got the victory.

A video of the happening, which occurred at the Jimmy Adams and Christy Martin Country Box event, was released by Triller TV. Slaughter won’t be returning to a boxing ring anytime soon.

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