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Home » Exclusive: Mike Tyson return ‘not a real boxing match’ – Boente

Exclusive: Mike Tyson return ‘not a real boxing match’ – Boente

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Former Klitschko brothers’ manager Bernd Boente spoke to World Boxing News about Mike Tyson’s return at 58.

Boente, who was one of the most influential figures in heavyweight boxing for over two decades with former world champions Wladimir and Vitali, aired his thoughts on Tyson’s fight with Jake Paul.

Tyson makes a stunning return to the sport four years after an exhibition with Roy Jones Jr. This time around, Tyson will be licensed professionally for a controversial bout with the wannabe boxer/influencer. The fight occurs on July 20 in Texas and will be broadcast on Netflix, with many high-profile names in the sport disillusioned with the sanctioning.

However, Boente believes the event shouldn’t be looked at in any other light than a pure spectacle of a legend moving around with a YouTuber.

“I have always been a big Mike Tyson fan and have accompanied many of his world championship fights ringside as a TV commentator,” Boente told WBN in an exclusive interview.

Bernd Boente and Mike Tyson - WBN
Bernd Boente

“I’m happy that Mike is getting the chance to appear on a global media platform and earn good money. However, the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight has nothing to do with a real boxing match according to the well-known traditional boxing rules. That is why the fight should only be seen for what it is: a great entertainment and show event,” he added.

Paul vs Tyson has courted controversy from day one of its inception, the latest being the confirmation of a $2 million ticket for the ‘Ultimate Experience’ at the fight. The purchase includes signed photos with both boxers, time in the dressing room and ring, plus travel and hotel expenses. It’s an unprecedented move that could spark similar at future professional events.

For now, both men have over two months to prepare for what will undoubtedly be a cliffhanger of a fight. If Paul or Tyson go full throttle and land their best punch flush, the whole charade could end up in disaster.

The great equalizer in the contest is obviously Father Time, who remains undefeated. Paul can easily catch Tyson with restricted movement. That statement is as accurate as “The Baddest Man,” connecting with a non-boxer to put the lights out. Those two factors are why the clash holds any intrigue whatsoever as Netflix, Paul, and Tyson put their reputations on the line this summer.

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