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Mike Tyson repeats infamous Lennox Lewis threat to Jake Paul

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Mike Tyson used the same threat he aimed at Lennox Lewis to warn future opponent Jake Paul ahead of their Netflix fight on July 20.

“The Baddest Man on the Planet” continues to work despite three months left until fight night. The back-and-forth barbs between Tyson and Paul don’t show any signs of slowing down.

In true homage to the Tyson of old, the former undisputed heavyweight champion channeled his old quote to Lewis from 2001.

“Lennox Lewis, I’m coming for you, man. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I’m just ferocious. I want your heart.”

The last part of the sentence doesn’t bear repeating, but Tyson has updated to a softer version by simply stating, “I’m coming for you,” to Paul with a video of his training.

Tyson bids to prove age is just a number when he trades blows with a 27-year-old half his age and more in Dallas, Texas. The event has significant eyeballs, given that Tyson will almost be sixty when he laces up the gloves for the first time in four years.

Paul, who has been active throughout that period, is unsurprisingly the favorite to win. The last time a legendary heavyweight stepped between the ropes at 58, he got wiped out in 109 seconds.

The happened to be Tyson’s old adversary Evander Holyfield, who lost part of an ear when facing ‘Iron’ Mike in 1997. They have since made up, but Holyfield should be able to advise Tyson on what to expect when Paul starts landing shots.

Holyfield was down with almost the first punch Vitor Belfort threw, and the former UFC star was seventeen years older than Paul when they met in 2021.

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