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Heavyweight champion Usyk has to move on, ignore rematch calls

The notion of Oleksandr Usyk having a rematch with Daniel Dubois is ludicrous and puts the heavyweight division back another six months.

If Usyk gives in to the Briton’s demands for a second shot despite being dominated, barring one shot on the belt, the weight class will stagnate even more than before.

There is no evidence to back up claims for a second bout. A shot below the naval was ruled low, and Dubois then stayed down from an Usyk onslaught. The unified champion must move on for the sake of an undisputed unification.

Heavyweight division

And even if Tyson Fury doesn’t come to the table, Usyk must clear his mandatory backlog to free up space to face Deontay Wilder or Andy Ruiz Jr.

Barring Fury, they are the only fights in the division that make any sense.

Paulie Malignaggi stated on his YouTube channel that the low-blow debate wasn’t even the worst thing about the clash.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, the former world champion said: “I don’t even think the low blow is the biggest problem with the fight here.

“My biggest problem is that the fight is outdoors in Poland. It’s raining cats and dogs. They don’t have the ring protected. The ring is completely slippery.

“I’ve trained in a slippery ring and could not stand it. If you’re dealing with rain and it’s getting inside the ring, you’re ruining the entire evolution of how the fight will go.

“I don’t want to take away credit from Dubois or Usyk. They both put on an entertaining fight.”

He added: “But when you’re a footwork-based fighter, and there’s a wet ring, it ruins everything. It’s possible that the body shot may not even land if the ring wasn’t wet.

“How do you host a fight and not correctly protect the ring from that kind of rain? It ruined the whole fight!”

Usyk vs Dubois debate

One man who marginally sided with Dubois was first-class referee Joe Cortez. Speaking to FightHub, he aired his views.

“To me, that punch was right on the belt, and it wasn’t a punch for him to get all that time,” Cortez said in the FightHub TV chat online.

“I would’ve given a warning. I would’ve let it continue. But I would not have given him five minutes for that. I don’t think it was intentional.

“If it was intentional, you start taking points automatically. There are no warnings if it’s intentional.”

Cortez concluded: “He’s a good referee, Luis Pabon. But I think with the language barrier, he didn’t tell them exactly what was wrong with the low blow.

“All of these things you address in the dressing room, you don’t have time inside the ring before the fight.

“We go over the rules in the dressing room, but you gotta make sure to have a good interpreter to explain it carefully.”

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