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Home » Why the entire Usyk vs Dubois low blow debate is totally pointless

Why the entire Usyk vs Dubois low blow debate is totally pointless

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The debate over a ‘low blow’ landed in the Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois fight continues to dominate the headlines in the United Kingdom.

However, the entire conversation has been rendered pointless by Usyk confirming he would have simply stood up if the referee had begun counting.

Luis Pabon sided with Usyk after the punch landed on the heavyweight champion’s beltline. Usyk felt it and took the necessary time needed before continuing the fight.

But the British contingent has complained in the wake of the event and believes their man should have been given a knockout – or at least a rematch.

This doesn’t look likely or viable. In addition, Usyk would never have sat prone on the canvas for the amount of time he did – if Pabon hadn’t given him the benefit of his pain.

Dubois was also never in the fight and had zero chance of beating Usyk. Therefore, the whole controversy set about by the UK fans and media is totally and utterly meaningless.

Promoter Frank Warren plans to appeal, which will almost certainly fail.

Usyk vs Dubois no-contest

“The situation is that we will be lobbying the WBA to declare this as a no-contest. The knockdown, which the referee said was below the belt, the punch actually landed on the waistband of his shorts.

“The criteria, as is explained at the rules meeting, waist is the mid-point of your hips. So it’s much lower.

“That was a legitimate blow. The fight] should’ve been stopped. He got three minutes and 46 seconds recovery time, which was wrong.

“He got it wrong, the referee, and I still don’t understand. Why didn’t he take any points off him if it was a low blow?

“I don’t think [the referee’s] crooked, I think he just got it totally wrong. As a result, it should be declared a no-contest in the worst case or a rematch ordered,” said Warren.


Usyk wasn’t having any of the complaints after Dubois said: “I respect the man. A great champ who gave me a hard fight and one I will learn from. But the only hit in the balls last night was the one I suffered when I didn’t get my arm raised after I landed this shot.

“You are not allowed to hit a man in [that area]. Listen, boxing is a sport for gentlemen. It’s not a street fight. It’s boxing.

“How can I be guilty of wearing shorts? The low blow comes not from wearing shorts like this but the low blow itself. I’m ready to fight without shorts.”

Furthermore, Usyk’s handler, Alexander Krassyuk, added: “It’s difficult to express respect for how they treated the fight. For the way, they wanted to get the victory.

“Sometimes it happens, you hit someone with an illegal blow, it’s normal. When you keep doing this on purpose, you have some dirty plan.

“Boxing is a pure art. It’s a pure sport. It has to stay pure. That’s why the guy has to deserve his rematch.”

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