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Deontay Wilder gamble backfires – career wanes, legacy stagnates

Deontay Wilder will see his legacy reduced to a five-year run as WBC heavyweight champion and two entertaining losses.

That’s the sad reality facing the American slugger as he nears a Saudi Arabian battle with Anthony Joshua in the first quarter of 2024.

Wilder gambled a WBC final eliminator on landing a massive fight with one of his major rivals in Saudi Arabia. The plan looks to have backfired, with only AJ to show for it.

Joshua is in bad form. This means an expected win over the Briton adds nothing to Wilder’s Hall of Fame credentials.

Therefore, Wilder’s decision not to engage with Andy Ruiz Jr. could haunt him. At least that fight came with a guaranteed title shot.

The news comes as “The Bronze Bomber” approaches a year out of action again, a running theme in the latter part of his career.

Despite the World Boxing Council informing Wilder that his planned fight with Ruiz would be for a shot at his old belt, the Alabama Slammer sought a clash elsewhere.

The legacy of Deontay Wilder

Firstly, he eyed a fourth battle with Tyson Fury when the pair met in the Middle East. When Fury kept him dangling on a string, Wilder turned to Oleksandr Usyk and, eventually, Anthony Joshua.

Usyk is tied up this weekend. But with Wilder vs Joshua eyed for January or February, any advances for the Ukrainian look dead in the water.

Alexander Krassyuk stages the event in a stadium in Poland this weekend. That puts Usyk off the table until at least December, possibly early 2024, when Wilder vs AJ is planned.

Joshua beating Robert Helenius, an opponent Wilder beat in 177 seconds, doesn’t bode well for their clash. He had promised Dillian Whyte a rematch, but we all know what happened there.

A fourth fight with Fury

Once Fury vs Ngannou and Wilder vs AJ are out of the way, this could leave Wilder and Fury without any other option but to face each other for a fourth time. That’s if they both want to add any further to their legacies.

At present, this looks like the most likely scenario by default.

Considering their last encounter was the 2021 Fight of the Year, Fury could do much worse than agree to another barnstormer with his old nemesis.

If Fury decides against Wilder IV, Andy Ruiz Jr. would have to come back into play despite the recent revelations in his private life.

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