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World Boxing adds six more federations ahead of November Congress

The National Federations for boxing in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Honduras and Sweden have completed the process to become members of World Boxing, the new international federation that has been established to keep boxing at the heart of the Olympic Movement.

The addition of these six countries means World Boxing now has 12 members spread across four continents. USA Boxing, New Zealand Boxing, Boxing Australia, GB Boxing, England Boxing and the Dutch Boxing Federation were confirmed as World Boxing’s first cohort of members in early August 2023.

All of the members have completed a rigorous application process to join World Boxing and are deemed to be in good standing and, through their statutes and operating processes, able to demonstrate:

• A transparent and open election process for the appointment of office bearing roles

• The existence and operation of WADA-recognized anti-doping policies and processes

• Evidence of a structured, dispute resolution and appeals process that is either fully independent or subject to external input

• Formal recognition by either their National Olympic Committee (NOC) or Ministry for Sport

• Have a solid national and international boxing sports program

The applications were approved by the Executive Board of World Boxing and will be ratified at the organization’s inaugural Congress in November 2023.

All of World Boxing’s members will be invited to attend the Congress in November 2023 and have the opportunity to nominate candidates for offices within the new international federation including the Presidency and Executive Committee and membership of Committees and Commissions. The full members will have voting rights at the Congress.

World Boxing’s Secretary General, Simon Toulson, commented: “World Boxing continues to attract high caliber National Federations that want to emulate our principles and endorse our policies to put the boxers first and operate with rigorous governance practices. Becoming a member takes time as it is a detailed and meticulous process to ensure that a National Federation is suitable for our organization.

“We are receiving more and more interest and requests from National Federations and boxing organizations to join World Boxing on a weekly basis and currently have a number of applications from those wanting to join or going through the membership application process.

“The governance foundations of World Boxing are now set which will culminate in the Inaugural Congress in November. The quality of National Federations that have joined and those waiting to join World Boxing coupled with the hosting of tournaments that are partnered and associated with World Boxing means we are on track to reach our initial objectives of the organization whilst pursuing the overall goal of keeping boxing in the Olympic Games.”

World Boxing was publicly launched in April 2023 and aims to ensure that boxing remains at the heart of the Olympic movement. It will seek recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and plans to work constructively and collaboratively to develop a pathway that will preserve boxing’s ongoing place on the Olympic competition program at Los Angeles 2028 and beyond.