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Reece Mould, Martin McDonagh primed for battle in Sheffield

The WBA Continental Lightweight Champion Reece Mould and challenger Martin McDonagh have met face-to-face for the first time to formally announce their big showdown set for Friday 6th October in Sheffield.

Mould’s first defence of the title against Reece headlines promoter Izzy Asif’s GBM Sports fight card that also features Commonwealth Super-Flyweight Champion Emma Dolan’s title defence against rival Nicola Hopewell plus a top quality undercard.

The 12-fight card is the biggest and best event staged by GBM Sports – the fastest growing boxing promotional company in the UK – with the venue in Sheffield very close to being officially announced.

Mould and McDonagh, plus Dolan and Hopewell and the undercard were all in attendance for the media launch of the GBM Sports show at BEJU Restaurant & Bar in Sheffield on Saturday.

Mould said, “It will be a great fight between me and McDonagh and I’m really geared up for this challenge. McDonagh’s good a good record and he’s got a top amateur pedigree so he’s not coming in just to make up numbers. He’s coming for a
real fight and to take my title. I’ve got future plans but I need to make sure I deal with him.

“I’m world ranked, number 12 with the WBA. It knocks me up even further up the rankings by beating McDonagh, probably into the top 10 and offers me even bigger fights. He’s not a bad name on my record and it’s experience more than anything I need.”

McDonagh said, “This is what I’ve been in boxing for all my life to be in big fights like this. If I win it gets me the title and top 15 ranking and opens the doors up for me. I wanted an English title opportunity but this opportunity against
Reece came up and I took it with both hands and I’ll be victorious.”

“The fight will go with a win for me anyway possible. Strictly business Reece, strictly business!”

Dolan said, “I expect a high work rate from Nicola in the first four or five round and then I think the pace will get to her and then I’ll come on top. She’s a good girl, I know what she brings to the table, she won’t be deterred, she’s quite
tough, but I feel that I’ve got a bit too much for her.

Hopewell said, “Emma is one of the only girls at my weight that I’ve not boxed. I’m really excited as I’m going in the underdog but I’m going in there to win. There is pressure there but I wanted the challenge and to challenge myself and
when the opportunity came up I grabbed it. We’re both coming to win and it’s going to be an exciting fight and you’re not going to want to miss it!”

Asif said, “It’s a cracking double-title header on October 6 in Sheffield and I can’t wait for it. Mould v McDonagh will be an all-out war between these two proud fighters with so much on the line between them. Mould wants to move forward
to bigger things but he knows he has to deal with McDonagh first before he can attempt anything else and McDonagh is coming for a fight. Dolan and Hopewell is another real fight and it’s very hard to call, Dolan is the defending champion and has the edge
on experience, but Hopewell is really fired up to take the title. With a cracking undercard featuring some top up-and-coming prospects, I’m really excited for this show which is GBM Sports’ most impressive to date and takes us a company to a new level.”