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Home » Canelo gets grotesque WBA belt as cruiserweight move intrigues

Canelo gets grotesque WBA belt as cruiserweight move intrigues

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After his Mexico triumph, the World Boxing Association handed out what can only be described as a grotesque-looking title as Canelo contemplates a cruiserweight move.

Canelo stood posing with the strap next to President Gilberto Mendoza at the weekend. However, the look of the championship left a lot to be desired.

Explaining what the meaningless trinket was presented for, the WBA said it was for their one-hundred-year centenary.

Why Canelo got it above all the other past champions seems to come down to timing rather than achievement.

World Boxing Association belt for Canelo

On Sunday, World Boxing Association (WBA) President Gilberto Jesús Mendoza presented Mexican Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez with the WBA Centennial Belt at a ceremony held in Guadalajara, Mexico.

A day after his victory over John Ryder, with which he remained the undisputed super middleweight champion, the Mexican was at an event with the leader of the pioneer organization. The artist Juan Pablo Restrepo created the special belt by hand using leather and bronze to evoke the tremendous historical glories of boxing.

“Canelo” was grateful for the distinction and spoke to those in an emotional and intimate gathering. He could share his joy for having been honored with this belt.

Alvarez is the first fighter to receive this belt. It represents a hundred years of history as the oldest boxing organization in the world. It also considers the legends’ outstanding achievements.

The Centennial Belt is intended to recognize the careers of the great active and retired boxers who have made history.

The occasion of this weekend’s fight was ideal for the first recognition. Alvarez has been the face of boxing for years. He has proven excellent both in and out of the ring, which speaks to his greatness. Congratulations, Canelo.

Future fights

Canelo is currently mulling over his next move, with WBN believing that a cruiserweight move could be more lucrative to Canelo than facing Dmitry Bivol again at 175 pounds.

Jack won the WBC 200 pounds title from Ilunga Makabu, the man Canelo asked the WBC if he could face at a previous convention.

Furthermore, Trainer and manager Eddy Reynoso stood in a room full of boxing people. They askedd Mauricio Sulaiman, the WBC President, his permission for Canelo to challenge for the green and gold cruiserweight belt.

The request was granted. However, since then, Jack has taken the title from Makabu. Ja, like Canelo,ck would be a much more favorable opponent, having campaigned at 168 and 175 during his carelo.

Jack is also based in Dubai. That gives Canelo a massive money-making exercise before retirement.

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