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Home » Manny Pacquiao called ‘desperate’ and ‘disgraceful’ after $5m loss

Manny Pacquiao called ‘desperate’ and ‘disgraceful’ after $5m loss

A lawyer for Paradigm Sports branded Manny Pacquiao’ disgraceful’ after the company won a $5.1m verdict in a suit against the boxer.

Paradign sued Pacquiao for breach of contract, alleging the superstar negated an agreed deal signed in 2020.

The jury awarded Paradigm Sports $1.8 million in damages after nine of the twelve ruled against “Pac-Man.” They also ruled that Pacquiao had to pay back the $3.3-million advance he received when agreeing to the contract.

Paradigm’s lawyer Judd Bernstein pulled no punches when blasting Pacquiao for his behavior.

Manny Pacquiao desperate

“It’s always nice to have justice done. Manny Pacquiao’s behavior, in this case, was disgraceful,” said Bernstein.

“As I told the jury, he’s an extraordinary athlete and has an extraordinary story. However, that doesn’t mean he gets a pass on being a decent human being.”

On the sour deal, Bernstein added: “He signed the contract. He didn’t live up to it.

“But he took money likely because he desperately needed it. He was dishonest throughout the process. But he was hiding relevant facts and thinking that he’s had to pay the price for it, which is fair.”

In his defense, Pacquiao had alleged that “PSM repeatedly, emphatically, and falsely promised Pacquiao that PSM would immediately secure a ‘mega fight’ between Pacquiao and McGregor. That’s if Pacquiao signed with PSM as his manager.”

McGregor bout

Pacquiao’s team also claimed: “This bout was undoubtedly appealing to Pacquiao. Especially given that Pacquiao’s historical rival [Mayweather] fought McGregor in a very popular and lucrative bout on August 26, 2017.

“To further induce Pacquiao into an agreement, PSM also falsely promised that it had eight endorsement deals already ‘lined up’ for Pacquiao. And that PSM would advance Pacquiao $4 million if he signed an agreement for PSM to serve as his manager.

“PSM never intended to arrange a bout between Pacquiao and McGregor.

“PSM never secured any of the many endorsements it claimed were ‘lined up.’ And PSM never intended to advance the total $4 million to Pacquiao.

“As further proof of its fraudulent scheme, before Pacquiao and PSM entered into any agreement, PSM had entered into a secret contractual relationship with Pacquiao’s trusted advisor Arnold Vegafria.”

“Through the preceding fraud, deceit, and concealment, PSM induced Pacquiao to sign. He entered into [a revised] management agreement with PSM in October 2020.

“However, shortly after that, PSM informed Pacquiao that the promised bout with McGregor would not happen. PSM also advised Pacquiao that there were no endorsement deals, contrary to what it promised him.

“Paradigm has done nothing for Pacquiao. PSM has swindled him and selfishly attempted to exploit Pacquiao’s name. And to expand its business to include professional boxers and MMA fighters.”

Pacquiao’s countersuit was ruled 10-2 by jurors as his reputation took a hit.

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