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Home » ‘Prime Klitschko KOs Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury beats him now’

‘Prime Klitschko KOs Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury beats him now’

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Tony Bellew and Simon Jordan believe Anthony Joshua’s career is on the downside as the Briton edges closer to a vast heavyweight fight.

While Jordan says a prime Klitschko would have stopped AJ in 2017, Bellew says Fury would be the victor over this version of the humble one.

Former world cruiserweight champion Bellew and mouthpiece ex-Crystal Palace chairman Jordon spoke on William Hill’s new podcast Up Front.

Anthony Joshua loses to Klitschko and Fury

Jordan also quizzed Bellew on British heavyweight Anthony Joshua, who has been a potential opponent of Fury’s for years.

While the former WBC ruler thinks a fight between the two would be fantastic, he believes Fury would be a firm favorite.

“I think for Fury against Anthony Joshua, it would be harder for Joshua to beat this current version of Fury than the old version,” Bellew said.

“Joshua would have got close. He would’ve been allowed to punch. Now Joshua will not get the luxury of getting close without getting nailed hard on the way in.”

In light of both fighters having defeated Wladimir Klitschko, Jordan added: “A fit and focused Klitschko would have beaten AJ, a younger Klitschko that didn’t gas.

“When he had Anthony Joshua knocked down, a fitter, more energized or a younger Klitschko would have jumped all over him and not given him a chance.”

Bellew also stated he would fancy Oleksandr Usyk to beat Tyson Fury if the two heavyweights take each other on later this year.

Usyk beats Fury

“The Bomber,” said: “I think he [Tyson Fury] is easier to beat now, only for a couple of fighters. But bear in mind one of those is Oleksandr Usyk.

“Make no mistake, Tyson Fury is the best heavyweight in the world right now. But I now think he is more susceptible to losing to Oleksandr Usyk [if they were to fight later this year].

“He does everyone mentally; he breaks them mentally first. But the one person he will not break and will never break is Usyk.

“Tyson Fury’s style went from a style where he was awkward, slippery, significant. Now he’s quick to be aggressive, front-footed, and a counter-punching heavy hitter.

“The second one plays into Oleksandr Usyk’s hands.

“The Tyson Fury that defeated Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 is an impossible guy to beat. He’s six foot eight or nine. But he’s 20 stone, and he’s moving like a light-heavyweight.

“[Add to that] he’s got really fast hands. He’s making you miss, and he’s causing you problems. That’s impossible to deal with.”

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