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Zab Judah and Guillermo Rigondaux inspire Alessio Lorusso

On Saturday May 20, at the Arena (4,000 seats) in Monza (Northern Italy, close to Milan) The Art of Fighting will be back with an high level show.

In the main event, European bantamweight champion Alessio Lorusso (21 wins, 9 within the distance, 4 losses and 2 draws) will defend the EBU belt against Thomas Essomba (United Kingdom, 11-8-1) over the 12 rounds distance.

“Zab Judah and Guillermo Rigondaux are my idols – Alessio Lorusso said – because they are great boxers. I like skilled boxers more than brawlers.

“I prefer Floyd Mayweather over Arturo Gatti. Also, Zab Judah and Guillermo Rigondaux are southpaws like me.

“Thomas Essomba is also a southpaw and that factor forced me to change some things in my training. I will be prepared and at the top of my game on May 20. There’s no doubt in my mind that I will beat Essomba.”

On the same page Lorusso’s coach Francesco Liotti: “I have been working with Alessio for one year. We prepared four fights and we always won, three times inside the distance.

“He saw me working and asked me to be his coach. I accepted not only because of his talent but because of his love for the fight game.

“He never gets tired of training, he studies his opponents, he has the enthusiasm to accept any fight.

“If they offered Alessio to go to Japan and fight their undefeated superstar Naoya Inoue (24-0) he would accept immediately. Thomas Essomba is a respected fighter who will come to Italy to become European champion.

“That’s the biggest opportunity of his career, he knows it and will give 100%. We are ready to fight him.”

The other fights at The Art of Fighting 3, on the six rounds distance: Francesco Paparo (3-0-1) vs Darwin El Badaouy (2-2-1), Alessio Spahiu (3-0) vs Enea Keci (Albania, 1-4), Jonathan Kogasso (Congo, 7-0 with 5 knock outs) vs Sergiu Sinigur (Moldova, 6-0 with 5 kos).

Over the 4 four rounds distance: Morgan Moricca (1-0) vs Marco Delmestro.