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Lennox Lewis Facebook hackers exposed in slap-fighting frenzy

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis continues to be locked out of his Facebook account in a slap-fighting frenzy.

After posting videos they hope will go viral, the hackers [who have now been exposed] began posting slap-fighting clips.

Those who took over the ex-champ’s account don’t know that they have since been named in new Facebook rules.

The pair can be seen under the videos they post on Lewis’ account. The “Pugilist Specialist” was informed of this and could finally get his account back.

Lennox Lewis wants his Facebook back

Lewis has wanted action from Facebook owners Meta for some time now.

The Briton, who ruled as the best top-division puncher of his generation, complained to Meta about the lack of ability to locate those hackers.

Random videos on the boxing legend’s account have been sent to over one million followers. The latest posts show a frenzy of the controversial slap-fighting craze.

Therefore, annoyed at the situation, Lewis asked for help unblocking his account.

“What happened to the Facebook or Meta sports teams? We’ve been locked out of my Facebook fan page for almost two months,” said Lewis.

“How do I reach anyone over there now?”

Nothing has been done about the problem. But maybe now those who post have been named, a change could finally come for Lewis.

Lennox is an avid social media user and likes to interact with fans. This interaction is hampered on Facebook due to Meta’s apparent lack of tight security.

In addition, it’s now a situation that can be made better with the new changes to page posting under specific names.

New Facebook pages rules

Under the new pages section, the help is limited. However, it says, “Pages that you manage may be in the new Pages experience.

“If you have Facebook access to a new Page, this article applies to you. If you have task access, you would manage new Pages from other tools, such as Facebook Business Suite or Creator Studio. Learn more about access to new Pages.

“Once your Page has been updated to the new Pages experience, you’ll be able to switch between using your Page or profile on Facebook.

“This gives you the option to keep your Page activity separate from your profile.

“Bear in mind that: Only people with Facebook access to the Page can switch into it on Facebook.”

Lewis should be able to get his account back now that he access to the pages of those who took it in the first place and continue to use it to post videos.

Fans of Lewis can also report those who post videos on his account. The names of those publishing without Lewis’s consent appear under the videos under the new rules.

Furthermore, this allows Lewis supporters to report their activity.

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