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Fought no one and failed to impress: Eubank world title predicted

According to his promoter, Harlem Eubank will be a world champion despite failing to set the world alight on Friday night.

Upon defeating a journeyman with eleven losses and only two victories in his last thirteen bouts, Eubank declared, “this is my year.”

However, the Brighton man did what he had to do against poor opposition. He dropped and defeated Miguel Antin live on Channel 5.

The cousin of Chris Eubank Jr. had to grit his teeth against the late replacement from Argentina. However, he took control of the fight after flooring his rival with a body shot in the sixth round at York Hall on Friday night.

He is now eyeing the British title after sending Antin to the canvas again in the following session to establish a firm grip on proceedings.

Eubank, now 17-0, was given the nod by the ringside judges. The scores on the Wasserman Boxing show read 98-90, 97-91, and 99-89.

The 29-year-old planned to use his headline shot in London to set his stall out for a breakthrough in 2023. Eubank dealt with Antin and declared he was ready to move through the levels.

Harlem Eubank

Harlem Eubank said: “I dig deep, I box, I fight, and I entertain. And this was ten entertaining rounds.

“Against the better opposition, whom I want to be in with towards the end of the year, these are learning rounds for those fights. We’re ready for all-comers as we develop through this year.

“This is my year.”

Promoter Kalle Sauerland predicts Eubank world title

In addition, Kalle Sauerland – Head of Wasserman Boxing Global, said: “What courage, at this stage of his career, to take on a tough Argentinean at just 24 hours’ notice.

“This guy is going places. British, European, world [title] – that is the journey. He is going all the way. This guy is the next Eubank to be a world champion.”

That’s a massive prediction from the experienced Sauerland, who is doing his job of bigging up his fighter.

But on the face of it, Eubank has a lot of work to do. Realistically, he’s defeated nobody of note in the super lightweight division.

His best wins came against Merseysiders Tom Farrell and Sean Dodd. Both failed to make it to the summit of the domestic scene.

Furthermore, world title ambitions are a considerable call by Sauerland, who is long in the tooth enough to know Eubank has a lot to work on.

He has the name. That’s a start and what gets your foot in the door at Channel 5. But put Eubank in with Robbie Davies Jr or Ohara Davies and see where he’s at after six years as a professional.

Judging by last night’s evidence, Eubank is miles from the UK’s number one at 140 pounds – Jack Catterall.

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