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Protect Yourself At All Times movie debuts in Dallas on March 30

Former world heavyweight champions Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Riddick Bowe, and Leon Spinks share a single notorious distinction among them.

Despite earning millions during their careers in the boxing ring, all four went bankrupt.

They aren’t alone. Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Thomas Hearns, Fernando Vargas, and dozens of lesser-known names also experienced the same fate.

Adrian Clark’s mission: prevent this from happening to today’s combat sports competitors by teaching them how to avoid financial missteps.

Clark’s initiative takes a major step forward with the debut of his new feature film Protect Yourself At All Times: The Beginning on Thursday, March 30 at the IPIC Theater Fairview in the greater Dallas, Texas area. The theater is already sold out for the screening with additional bookings pending.

Protect Yourself at All Times: The Beginning With 12 years of experience in sports and entertainment, Clark created “Protect Yourself at All Times,” an educational initiative designed to educate amateur and professional boxers about the business of boxing and how to protect their financial well-being while pursuing athletic accomplishments.

Clark witnessed firsthand as a boxing manager and Founder/CEO of AC Sports Management the dangers posed when athletes began earning significant money with little training on how to secure their assets from those who would prey on them. AC Sports Management was acquired by Ballengee Group in 2019.

Currently CEO of Fighters First Management, boxing’s newest management company, Clark has stepped up his efforts through the production of Protect Yourself At All Times: The Beginning. The 45-minute film is inspired by Clark’s best-selling book, Protect Yourself at All Times: A Guide for Professional Boxers.

“Today’s generation often best absorbs information through visual media,” said Clark. “A book isn’t enough to reach all the athletes who can create long-term success through their hard work and dedication. This is why I’ve turned the key concepts in the book into life lessons, depicted through the relationship between a father and son.” Clark and his own son in real life, Ace Clark, play the roles in the film. Running time is 46 minutes.

Clark received a bachelor’s degree in communications from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. In 2016, Forbes Magazine named Clark to its annual “30 Under 30” list in the sports category.