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Home » Floyd Mayweather can no longer deny his beef with Gervonta Davis

Floyd Mayweather can no longer deny his beef with Gervonta Davis

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Floyd Mayweather cannot deny a problem with former ex-number one fighter Gervonta Davis after their beef took a very public turn this week.

Mayweather, who previously denied any troubles despite a split between him and CEO Leonard Ellerbe by Davis, was singled out by his one-time star pupil.

Davis faces Ryan Garcia on April 22 before beginning a prison sentence in May. However, he split with Mayweather Promotions before negotiating the fight.

In a startling update, Davis says Mayweather has stooped to a little low when engaging in an online exchange with Garcia.

Gervonta Davis blasts Floyd Mayweather

The social media spat began with Garcia saying: You always act like you got some info. Shut your a** up already. You basically are just a shade room page. Relax.

“I heard some stuff about you as well.”

In response, Davis lifted the lid on how bad things have gotten between himself and Floyd Mayweather.

“What that Floyd petty a**? He said I couldn’t use his gym anymore. I don’t give a f***!

“Nah, it’s not what I heard. It’s what I know. Chump!”

Tank’s admission blows the roof off any amicable split between Davis and Mayweather, which Ellerbe has denied at every opportunity.

When the cracks first began to appear, Ellerbe informed the public that all was still well between Mayweather and Davis. Also, he and Mayweather would still ride with Davis until the end.

Ellerbe rides with Tank

“Goofy, why are you concerned about what’s tweeted from my account?” Ellerbe said. “Don’t tell me what to tweet out of my account.

“I was first in the arena at 4 pm supporting my youngin [Hackett] put in that work doing what I do.

“Again, why is your groupie a** concerned about what another man is tweeting out of his account? Do you really understand how stupid you sound?”

He added: “I’m very passionate about what I do.

“I love what I do, and loyalty is everything. I have relationships with everyone I’ve ever worked with.”

On Tank showing love back at his last fight with Ellerbe ringside, he concluded: “The love was incredible.

“I’m beyond blessed to see and hear so many kids. People appreciate and respect the grind and who are very proud of you. It was very touching.”

Weeks can be a long time in boxing. Furthermore, whether Davis only has a problem with Mayweather remains to be seen. Ellerbe has so far attended the Davis vs Garcia formalities without incident.

The same cannot be said of Mayweather, though.

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