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Home » Deontay Wilder bro Marsellos eyes comeback after being ‘stalled’

Deontay Wilder bro Marsellos eyes comeback after being ‘stalled’

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Marsellos Wilder, the younger brother of former heavyweight king Deontay Wilder, looks set for a sensational return to the ring in 2023.

The 33-year-old last fought in March 2022 when he made a failed comeback from a stunning knockout on his elder sibling’s undercard in Las Vegas.

A cruiserweight with high hopes when turning professional in 2018, Marsellos has suffered three damaging losses in just eight bouts.

Like Deontay, though, Marsellos doesn’t give up easily. He’s back in the gym, honing his craft, aiming to improve after launching a music career.

The November 2019 stoppage at the hands of Dustin Long at the MGM Grand stung for many months. However, things would only get worse upon his return from a sixteen-month absence last year.

Deontay Wilder bill

A split decision defeat to 6-13 Eric Abraham seemingly put the final nail in the coffin of his tenure. It followed the fact Marsellos was not allowed to compete on the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder II bill due to the Long KO.

WBN did spot Marsellos in the Team Wilder entourage, as his brother lost badly to Fury in the rematch.

In the run-up to Deontay losing for the first time, Marsellos took the reverse like a man and vowed to come back stronger.

“No cuts, no bruises, no scratches, no scuffs. I’m good. I took an L in my fight,” said Wilder post-fight.

“Not because I was getting beat up or struggling. I was winning comfortably. But I was up three rounds to zero, dominating them, controlling the pace, dictating the action, and trying to set up my finish.

Marsellos Wilder

“I made an amateurish defensive mistake in a bad lean-back position where I didn’t see leaving myself widely exposed to a shot out of nowhere from a southpaw style.

“The fight was waved off before I could fight through it. It’s early in my career for me to make corrections. For those who don’t know, I came from college football and jumped straight into pro boxing.

“Because I started boxing late in my late twenties, I chose to turn pro [in 2018]. I’m not hiding. I’m not ducking or running from nothing.

“I have been down way lower in life than taking an L on something that can be corrected. I’m in the process of learning as I go, a temporary phase.

“These little mistakes will not keep happening to me anymore. For that, growth and glory await me ahead.

“Just because you start something and it doesn’t start off entirely right doesn’t define you nor your ending. I believe in myself. I have the talent to be great.

“So I’m going to get up, brush myself off and try again. I will still become a champion through all the ups and downs.”


In his latest update, Marsellos seems ready to give it another go.

For two years, I sit out grinding every day, asking for fights, ready. The person in charge knew and watched me but kept me stalled.

“Why they were soaked in their own hurt. It’s a reason for everything, but you can’t close a door God opened.

There is no doubt that the power runs in the Wilder family. And so does a familiar lack of polished technique that Marsellos knows he needs to improve.

Riding through new territory of the pair needing to come back from adversity, Marsellos and Deontay have plenty to prove to the fans.

Judging by their character traits, one hundred percent will always be given. No stone will be left unturned. Both will be back in 2023.

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