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Fans worried as Ricky Hatton disease linked to high alcohol use

Ricky Hatton fans expressed their concern after the former world champion underwent an operation for a debilitating hand disease back in January.

Hatton updated on social media, having undergone corrective surgery. This was necessary to ensure he could keep moving his affected fingers.

Ricky Hatton operation for disease

“I got Dupuytren’s disease. I’ve not been able to punch or do pads for about three months,” explained Hatton. “It’s been a very worrying time for me. But as you can see, I’m well and truly on the mend,” he added.

Upon looking into the ailment, some supporters of the Hitman asked him to lay off alcohol directly linked to Dupuytren sufferers.

The Bone and Joint social states: “Dupuytren’s contracture was associated with alcohol use,” they state.

“Disorders Test score greater than seven (adjusted odds ratio 1.9 (95% CI 1.02 to 3.57). This means the weekly alcohol consumption was 7.3 units for cases and 5.4 units for controls (p = 0.016).”

The NHS website adds: “Dupuytren’s contracture happens when the tissue under the skin near your fingers becomes thicker and less flexible.

“The exact cause is unknown. But it’s been linked to having a family history of the condition, smoking, or drinking lots of alcohol.”

Alarm bells

Immediate alarm bells rang as Hatton is a known drinker and is regularly pictured in Spain with a pint. Also, in between fights when he was a star in the boxing world, Hatton would balloon up due to alcohol and food consumption.

It could be a wake-up call for Hatton, as Dupuytren’s is one of the lesser evils of over-drinking. The fun-loving Hatton has admitted to alcohol abuse in the past. However, that has never stopped him from giving up long term.

“There were times when I hadn’t had a drink for days. I’d still come home, and if something went through my mind, I’d start pondering something,” he said in a stark past admission.

“It was the same outcome whether I was having a drink or wasn’t having a drink. But in the end, I thought I’ll end up drinking myself to death because I was so miserable.”

Hopefully, Hatton will be able to adjust his drinking lifestyle accordingly as his adoring public enjoyed an exhibition with Marco Antonio Barrera at the back end of 2022.

Putting his future into those events could be the key for the Manchester man – who is notorious for his ‘Benidorm’ lifestyle and partying sessions with the lads.

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