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Deontay Wilder ‘missing for months’ – pro boxing career in jeopardy

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Deontay Wilder has been missing in action for five months already, with predictions his heavyweight career is over, coming thick and fast.

Reports “The Bronze Bomber” will face former UFC champion Francis Ngannou in a two-fight deal would confirm this notion if true.

Fans on social media are upset that Wilder is ‘missing those months’ of his boxing tenure at 37 after promising activity following two defeats to Tyson Fury.

The stalled boxing career of Deontay Wilder

Before facing Robert Helenius in October, Wilder had fought twice in almost three years. With only three years left of his stint as a heavyweight puncher, Wilder’s pro boxing career would be in serious jeopardy if Wilder agreed to trade with Ngannou.

Free agent Ngannou told TMZ that Wilder was his main focus right now. However, the Nigerian is also in talks with UFC rivals about signing an MMA deal.

“We are looking into [Deontay Wilder] because he’s available. He’s ready for that. He’s very excited about [a fight with me]. He wants it. So, we are looking into that,” said Ngannou.

“That’s something I’m very excited about. We even discussed a potential fight in Africa and one fight somewhere else. Why not even the two fights in Africa?”

On his chances against Wilder, Ngannou added: “I can knock everybody out. I have to be clear about something.

“To hit that person, you have to get a clear shot which is more about technique and experience I don’t have. So, I’m very aware of that aspect.”

Concluding that his boxing skills may not be up to scratch, he stated: “It’s not like ‘hit me, I hit you, and then we see who goes down.’ It’s a combat sport.

“Everybody is trying not to get hit. I’m thinking more about the technique or the boxing side of it. The beauty of it.

“Then, in the end, if you get an opportunity to connect, then good. If not, I still expect to win that fight in the decision, so that’s how I’m preparing myself.”

Wilder vs Ngannou

In an update when speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Ngannou confirmed another MMA run is likely to follow Wilder.

“I have made a decision. Without making a done deal, I know what my next move will be. I know that I want to fight in boxing first.

“Then, after that, I will fight MMA. I’m going to sign with one MMA promotion. I haven’t decided on that yet, [but I’m] very close.

“PFL and ONE FC right now, we are very close. We will see.”

Stalling on signing to fight Andy Ruiz Jr. in a stipulated WBC mandatory eliminator, Wilder pushed toward Ngannou’s advances.

As World Boxing News reported many times, Premier Boxing Champions promoter Al Haymon had worked for years to get Wilder vs Ruiz over the line.

Wilder diverted to other options with the fight on the verge of being signed. Ruiz then severed ties with Tom Brown, who initially booked the fight for March 25 and then May 6 in Las Vegas.

The whole scenario has turned out to be a mess for Haymon, who remains hopeful the event can be salvaged for later in the year.

If Wilder vs Ngannou does happen, though, we may never see the Alabama Slammer in the boxing ring again at total capacity.

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