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Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward Round 9 – Will there ever be better?

World Boxing News looks at the most exciting round of boxing in the sport’s history – Arturo Gatti vs Mickey Ward’s marvelous round nine.

Gatti, if alive today, would have been 50. His presence is greatly missed as many fans wonder if Gatti himself would have turned his hand to promote.

He certainly would have been involved in some capacity as rival Ward is a revered community member.

Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward – Round 9

WBN caught up with Kathy Duva in an interview to discuss the great fight from 2002 that sparked an excellent trilogy.

‘Thunder’ Gatti was already one of the best-loved fighters around. The man was all heart and gave everything he could for every second of every contest.

His death in July 2009 is still shocking to this day. It will never sit well with anybody who knew the Italian-American as a person.

WBN spoke to one of the promoters behind the famous Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward trilogy. Duva is now head of Main Events – the company that looked after Gatti’s affairs at the time.

Asked about ‘that round’ – the incredible ninth that, for many, was the best three minutes of boxing in history, WBN wanted to know if it could ever be topped.

Duva told World Boxing News exclusively: “Probably not! – And If there is a better round than Gatti vs Ward round nine, it was in the same fight!

“I remember just sitting there a ringside and watching. I was wondering how they could keep it up,” she added.

What those two guys put on the line for everyone’s entertainment was sheer guts and determination. Gatti and Ward beat each other into a bond that would still exist today if they were both breathing.

As it turns out, Ward carries the pain of knowing Arturo passed away well before his time and still misses him dearly.

Can Gatti vs Ward ever be matched?

Asked if we could ever see that kind of action before a loving friendship again in boxing, Duva was unsure.

“I think those nights were the purest expression of what ‘The Sweet Science’ is supposed to be all about that I have ever seen.

“I’ll never say never, but if two future fighters ever top it, they must surpass a very high bar.

“I believe what we saw with Arturo and Mickey was what can happen between two well-matched opponents who simply love fighting. I find a kind of brutal joy in it.”

Later on, as Duva promoted later bouts with Gatti, Ward sat side-by-side with his friend until retirement in 2007.

Boxing has lost a soulmate for life in Gatti. But that round will live long in the memory of Ward and all those who witnessed it.

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