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Home » Jarrell Miller says Deontay Wilder ‘not the same person, mentally’

Jarrell Miller says Deontay Wilder ‘not the same person, mentally’

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Deontay Wilder remains a conundrum since losing twice to Tyson Fury, as World Boxing News has reportedly many times previously.

Strange social media activity, stalling negotiations with Andy Ruiz Jr., and a desire to fight an MMA heavyweight star concern boxing fans.

But one man who agrees that there’s something awry with “The Bronze Bomber” is former contender Jarrell Miller.

“The Big Baby” returns to action against Lucas Browne in Dubai this weekend. He hopes victory will put him in the top five with the WBA.

Deontay Wilder not the same mentally

That would push Miller closer to a fight with Wilder, who he says needs to be taken down a peg or two.

“Deontay Wilder is not the same person, mentally,” insists Miller. “He still has that wonderful, powerful right hand, but there are definitely some kinks in his armor, I see.

“When you believe all the things people around you are telling you, and then someone teaches you they’re full of s***, it’s hard for you to believe it.”

Miller continued: “He was talking about how he’s Mike Tyson, a god and a killer. Now he sees he’s not that.

“It was time for him to come off his high horse. Reality teaches you who men are when they are tested.”

“Deontay still has a right hand that could put you to sleep, though.”

Miller vs Browne in Dubai

On fighting in Dubai, Miller said: “I’m loving Dubai. I’ve been a big believer in the Muslim religion for many years.

“My trainer when I was a kid in the amateurs always wanted me to convert. To learn more about the culture.

“Being out here, I’ve been at peace. I see a lot of my friends have moved out here. Just being in a relaxed state of mind and able to focus.”

WBA #10 Miller [25-0-1, 21 KOs] and WBA #9 Browne [31-3, 27 KOs] will meet in the United Arab Emirates. It’s the ten-round main event of a stellar show presented by Anatoly Sulyanov of Hardcore Boxing.

The event also features a ten-round super featherweight co-main event. Dublin, Ireland’s WBA #5- and IBF #11-rated former world title challenger Jono “King Kong” Carroll [23-2-1, 7 KOs], will grace the ring. Three-time world title challenger Miguel “The Scorpion” Marriaga [30-6, 26 KOs] will be in the opposite corner.

Also, broadcast that night will be a ten-round cruiserweight battle between fast-tracking former amateur star Soslan “Cobra” Asbarov [3-0, 1 KO] of Chapaevo and once-beaten American Brandon Glanton [17-1, 14 KOs].

Miller vs Browne occurs on ProBoxingTV this Saturday from the Agenda arena in Dubai. Several more matches are scheduled between local and international prospects and their worthy opponents.

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