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Home » Frank Warren defends Tyson Fury after criticism over Usyk clause

Frank Warren defends Tyson Fury after criticism over Usyk clause

Frank Warren leaped to the defense of Tyson Fury after a wave of criticism came the way of the WBC heavyweight champion.

Fury stood accused of moving the goalposts too many times after changing a 50-50 split deal with Oleksandr Usyk to 60-40 and then 70-30 in favor of himself.

Despite Usyk holding three titles and being recognized higher in the Pound for Pound rankings, Fury still believes he’s the leading man.

However, fans – even those in his own country- see Fury asking for too much movement from Usyk, his team. The latest was removing a rematch clause that Fury insisted on initially.

Usyk’s manager Alexander Krassyuk took to social media to state his expectancy for Fury to continue his behavior this week.

Tyson Fury spoiler

“Spoiler for tomorrow. Tyson Fury sends out the draft agreement where there is no rematch clause. [It also has] no anti-doping testing, only local judges, and Usyk is forbidden to use his left hand.

“[There will be a] five-minute rest between rounds and then goes on Instagram like: ‘You middleweight gapped teeth rabbit, you’ve got the contract. You’ve s*** yourself. If it’s not signed in twenty-five seconds, I’ll fight [a YouTuber].'”

Fury’s promoter wasted no time going on talkSPORT’s Monday Drive to back “The Gyspy King” against his detractors.

“Both boxers have agreed to a split, and it’ll be on,” Warren told talkSPORT. “It’s just a matter of contracts. But they’re not going to be a problem.

“I know we’ll get this on. From Tyson’s perspective, he’s just putting it out there and putting it on the table, asking why he [Usyk] wants a rematch [that Fury wanted first].”

Frank Warren on Fury ducking Usyk

On Fury trying to duck Usyk, as the WBA, WBO, and IBF ruler suggested, Warren continued: “If he were going to avoid the fight, he’d just say, ‘I’m the WBC champion, you get on with your lives, I’ll get on with mine.’

“To say that Tyson would avoid any fight [is madness]. This is the guy that went to Germany to fight Wladimir Klitschko.

“At his time, [Klitschko] was the best heavyweight of his generation. He had no problem going over there and actually won the fight.

“This is the guy that went off to the United States not once but three times to fight the hardest puncher in the heavyweight division [Deontay Wilder].

“Please, the one thing about Tyson is that he’s got balls, he’s got balls bigger than – just massive balls. There’s no problem with him doing the fight.”

Furthermore, Wembley is expected to host the fight on April 29, with the date already booked and seemingly unmovable.

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