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Mike Tyson quote used as selling point for Davis vs Garcia PPV

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Showtime put their pulling power into overdrive as Gervonta Davis, and Ryan Garcia went face-t0-face using an old Mike Tyson quote.

Stephen Espinoza used Tyson’s words to sell Davis vs Garcia. His speech preceded an April 22 clash in Las Vegas on Pay Per View.

The two lightweight stars, who have appeared with Mike Tyson on one of his platforms, will collide to get a vast PPV boost.

Mike Tyson

“Mike Tyson once said, ‘You never lose until you give up.’ Giving up is the one thing that neither of these two fighters has done.

“That’s why I know April 22 will be a classic fight. These two superstar fighters are willing to take that challenge,” said Espinoza during the latest round of media for the fight.

He added: “These are the types of days and events that remind us all why we got into this sport. This is why we are fans of this sport.


“I guarantee you excitement. With all the experience and all the events these guys on this stage have been through, including myself, each of us has goosebumps right now.

“That’s because of the energy and adrenaline of nights like this. This is something that only boxing can provide.

“This is a throwback fight. It’s a fight and a rivalry as big as any in this sport. This is precisely the kind of fight that reflects the best that this sport has to offer.

“Two young fighters in their prime, the two most exciting young fighters in the sport.”

Davis vs Garcia

Espinoza concluded: “Outside the ring, the stories are even better. As different as these two fighters are physical, their personalities and styles are very alike in one way.

“What these two young men have overcome. The obstacles they have conquered are the stuff of Hollywood movies.”

This is a rare matchup of unbeaten superstars in the primes of their careers. Davis vs. Garcia is set up to be a crossover event that captures the sporting world’s imagination.

With contrasting, colorful personalities and aggressive, dynamic styles in the ring that translate to highlight-reel knockouts, April 22 projects to be the must-see boxing event of the year.

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