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Deontay Wilder needed to save Fury vs Usyk undisputed deal

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Deontay Wilder has become a vital piece of the puzzle in getting a fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk over the line.

Fury vs Usyk, a fight for the undisputed heavyweight title between the two current champions, has stalled. A deadline of Friday is set to come and go with no agreement in place for an April 29th battle.

It’s no secret that Fury, the WBC champion, lacks interest in signing a contract. Usyk’s team had claimed Fury’s motivation was money. At the same time, Usyk – the WBO, IBF, and WBA ruler, states he’s willing to take less of the pot to push a formal acceptance from Fury despite having more straps.

But the impasse does have a problem solver if the worst happens this weekend and the fight does collapse.

Enter Deontay Wilder, an American power puncher with the profile to help iron out the creases on the contractual pages.

Here’s how it would work.

Deontay Wilder could save Fury vs Usyk

Wilder has faced Fury three times, twice in Las Vegas, the place where the most lucrative events in the world take place. Fury couldn’t have fought there as many times as he has without the inclusion of a Wilder deal.

Therefore, today’s heavyweight titleholders need an angle to return the undisputed championship to the United States. The last time the crown got contested in the US was when Lennox Lewis fought Evander Holyfield twenty-five years ago.

The USA laps up any huge top-division bouts involving this many belts. So, applying the likes of Showtime Pay-Per-View would be huge in the land of opportunity.

Usyk would have to lean on Wilder’s good name with the PPV network to achieve the ultimate goal of landing Fury. The Ukrainian master must first give Wilder a title shot on the famous strip to put his name out there with the US audience.

Putting Usyk vs Wilder on SHO PPV would be the first step to making an undisputed fight a reality. Having Fury at ringside to oversee the clash and keeping ESPN in the loop would also be a must.

If Usyk successfully defeats Wilder, maybe even in a two-fight saga, Americans would know this is the other guy who could defeat “The Bronze Bomber.”

Fury vs Usyk in Las Vegas

Once the dust settles, selling Fury vs Usyk for the undisputed championship to the United States becomes easier. With it, all the riches and kudos Fury wants and requires would be within reach. According to both teams, the UK and the Middle East cannot give the two-time world champion what he wants.

His problem with travel may also have been solved by 2024, allowing him to grace his beloved Nevada again.

This workaround does mean a year or so delay for Usyk vs Fury. However, it makes the whole fight even more significant and brings Wilder’s entertainment factor back to the fore in the division.

It’s some plan if it can be pulled off in the coming months.

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