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Home » Floyd Mayweather explains why UK exhibition was a dumpster fire

Floyd Mayweather explains why UK exhibition was a dumpster fire

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Floyd Mayweather revealed why his latest exhibition fight in London failed to sell anywhere near the twenty thousand capacity.

Mayweather fought a UK reality TV personality at the O2 Arena on the docklands in what turned out to be a ghost town.

Despite cutting his check regardless, Mayweather explained why the event bombed so severely on the night, turning into a dumpster fire.

Why did Floyd Mayweather’s latest exhibition bomb?

“We did this [event] in one month. It was not even four weeks,” said Mayweather to Give Me Sport before laying some but not all the blame on the organizers.

“I think the tickets should’ve gone on sale a lot faster. My new team is still learning. I have got to take my hat off to them. It’s not their fault.”

He continued that staging the fight in the UK didn’t help interest.

“It’s just when we fight in the US; tickets are on sale as soon as we announce the fight. Here, we announced the fight, and the tickets didn’t go on sale until a week or two weeks later.

Uk fans don’t want to spend money

“I don’t point fingers. We work together as a team. You don’t really want to spend money when you buy tickets over here. In America, we don’t mind spending money.”

Mayweather’s right-hand man Leonard Ellerbe previously explained that Mayweather sells tickets and Pay Per Views simply down to his legacy.

“Fans and some media just throw PPV numbers out like it’s easy are clueless. For starters, the business is different from before,” said Ellerbe.

“Building a star is a process. It’s a plan. Floyd made a million sales [against a YouTuber in 2021] because he’s been a household name globally.

“Having a powerhouse like Showtime with him was critical. It was Showtime [Stephen Espinoza] believing in him. They give him the platform to use his creativity and vision and allow them to execute it.

“Every single record was broken with them, and as [the] King [Floyd] would say, ‘working together works.'”

Putting some blame on the UK’s unwillingness to fork out their cash could be a polarizing move for Mayweather. However, his future in the exhibition arena is already in doubt after this latest disaster.

It comes on the back of headliners featuring Don Moore and two against-Japanese combat stars that failed to set the world alight overseas.

The only success came when Mayweather stuck to the formula in the United States and sold one million versus the YouTuber turned WWE star.

Furthermore, in the future, Floyd Mayweather may need to stick to home soil if he wants those numbers Ellerbe spoke of to remain a part of his legacy in professional retirement.

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