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Analyzing the Fighters: How to Evaluate Boxers for Betting Purposes

Boxing is one of the most popular sports worldwide. There are thousands of fans who love to watch it, and there are many people that love to bet on this great sport, too.

Since the interest is huge, there are many online casinos offering a variety of box matches and players you can bet on. There are mobile applications such as Bet365 App, which make the process even easier and possible from your mobile device. But let’s say you have found the provider you want to gamble with – how can you evaluate boxers and choose the right one? We are about to share with you some tips and tricks today.

Betting on amateurs can be done mainly while the World Championships and other international tournaments are happening, during the other time, it is better to bet on professional boxers. They have around 3 fights per year, but sometimes the matches can be fewer, and that’s why you should analyze the fighter pretty well before making a bet on him. Most of the markets give you the chance to bet on victory, so you better choose the right boxer. Yes, you can bet on a knockout or early victory, but then you should be perfectly aware of the skills and performance of the fighter you will be betting on.

And let’s get to the topic – How to choose the right person? First, and most important – do not bet on a fighter just because you like him if you are not aware of his performance, and if you can’t find reliable information online. Second, make sure you always monitor the health of the fighter – if he is in a good health, the chances of a win are higher. However, if he has gone through some injuries recently, they are much lower. In addition, you should always keep in mind the weight class of the match. If a fighter has just moved up to a heavier one, his opponent may be more experienced and more skilled. There are many details you need to know, so researching is the key!

Furthermore, you should always analyse the last fights of the person you want to bet on. What is his boxing style? Is he in good physical condition? Is he younger than his opponent? Even the best ones may lose to younger fighters, keeping in mind that carrying out 12 rounds is not easy. But most importantly – consider the rating and percentage of won fights. After all, you want to bet on a good fighter, right? The record is essential for boxing – so check this one. If you see a “O” placed in the column with losses, this means that the fighter has zero losses, and this makes him a good choice. However, this does not always mean that he will win! Make sure you are comparing the record of both players before you bet. 

When it comes to boxing – there is a 10-point system that chooses the winner. Yes, a knockout is always your best option, but since it is not happening so often, you should also check other statistics such as punches that landed, the jabs that were made per round, and the power punches that were noted for one round. The jap has huge importance because most of the time the fighter with more jap wins is the final winner.

There is one more tip that we would like to share with you. Keep in mind that this one is not always reliable, but if you want to bet on boxing, you should know this. It is essential to consider the factor of judging locals. In this sport, we all have witnessed some pretty scandalous judgments thanks to which the victory was given to the local athlete, instead of to the better one. The judge has bigger power than you expect!